Marketing Metrics Overload: What Really Matters – Infographic

Don’t Get Caught Up In The Data Madness

Data and metrics are everywhere these days, making it easy to compile numbers on nearly any topic, from email marketing and lead generation to social media and digital campaigns. But often these marketing metrics are not actionable and can lead to misinformed business decisions. It is important to keep in mind that in excess, metrics may become cumbersome, overburdening, and may even lead to a false sense of success.

To avoid getting caught in the madness of the data sphere, take a look below to find out which marketing metrics deserve attention and which are safe to let go.

When you are feeling bogged down by the metrics and data, take a step back and try to determine which marketing metrics directly relate to your company’s bottom line. You want social media and marketing analytics that are tied to sales or revenue. If the metric does not tell you much about sales and instead simply provides a somewhat meaningless number that makes you feel good about the brand, it is safe to focus your attention elsewhere.

Source: Good Data


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