Most Engaging On Google+ – Oh, Wow! – Infographic

Is Google+ a ghost town or is it a speakeasy with a cup full of moonshine waiting for those brave enough to knock on its door?  This week, Reuters posted an analysis of Google’s social layer revealing that 40 percent of the brands with pages on Google+ either aren’t posting content at all or aren’t updating their pages very often. Our own guest columnist B.J. Mendelson recently said that everyone hates Google+ except for Google’ search engine, which he predicts will give “good SEO juice” to blogs that use Google+ comments. We used our Google+ analytics tool GPlusData to find those people and pages who had a.) posted within the last week and b.) gotten some response from their followers other than crickets and spam. It wasn’t that hard, actually. Here are the top 9 (and 3 of our favorite posts).

Source: Social Times


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