Need Social Media #Infographics? Glad to share them with you on #Pinterest

Thank you.

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  1. Adib says:

    Once you have the hang of the basics then you can begin to turn your attitneon to using Pinterest for business. Many companies have a Pinterest account now, especially if your business is directed towards women who are the majority of Pinterest users.a0 If your business sells any type of product where your customer is primarily women then you definitely need to get your products on Pinterest. If your business is related to design or any kind of visual industry, get on Pinterest. Businesses that are more service related can still use Pinterest but probably not as much, depending on what the business is. For more information on if Pinterest is right for your type of business, check out the infographic below from Intuit. via: Should Your Business Be on Pinterest? Find Out [INFOGRAPHIC]

    • V. says:

      Thanks for your post. You are right, businesses should be on Pinterest. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what you provide, product or service. I provide a service and information and I get a good number of hits from Pinterest. Information or service can be “advertised’ on Pinterest just like a product.

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