Occupy Wall Street and Wall Street’s actions – Just wondering

While reading the news this morning and going over a few message boards, I was wondering about all the commentary. Some more or less reputable Wall Street writers had their say about “Occupy Wall Street”. Comments such as “Occupy Wall Street is 99% dead”, “Get real, or go home” and some other page fillers by the experts I had to read.

On the other side I am reading about the bankruptcy of MF Global Holdings, Ltd. That is Jon Corzine’s Futures Broker. There seem to be quite a few things “unclear” in the proceedings of the firm. Then I read “Banks in retreat on debit card fees…” and “Wall Street has lost its sex appeal”.

Summarizing the financial news up and adding that according  to some other writer “Platinum may be much better than Gold”, I am wondering what the experts such as David Weidner, Al Lewis and Jon Friedman are talking about when they let lose their articles about Occupy Wall Street. Dead? Not by far. Looks like there is a lot of reason to demonstrate Main Street’s mood on Wall Street. Whether that protest is organized or not, is about as important as a sack of rice falling over in China. Important is, there are a lot of people on the street, demonstrating their disgust with certain people and organizations. I would pay attention as a politician, no matter what side. 

I was mentioning message boards earlier. It is amazing to see how lobbyists try to “catch flies” with some ridiculous toilette paroles regarding the people that join and participate in “OWST”. I am wondering who it is that has no plan. Delivering bad news on a daily basis and selling it as “gold”, seems not to be a good strategy, at least not in the long run. And neither is betting on hot air and putting losses on other people, mainly on Main Street. That might for some be “capitalistic freedom”, but it seems there are some boundaries slowly coming up.


Vitus Feldmann

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