Organic SEO VS. Manufactured SEO: Which One Do You Need – Infographic

Every blog and website owner depends on traffic that is coming to the blog or site. There are different ways to generate this much needed traffic. You can create “Organic SEO” and you can manufacture some SEO. The differences between the two is outlined below and is an interesting read.

What you need for your blog or your site depends on what you are looking for. A quick result for a time restrained campaign, or a continued audience if you intent to keep your blog or site for the longer term. However, manufactured SEO comes with a few risks. If you go too far with your manufacturing, the search engines might just ban your blog or site entirely from search results. If you look for quick results on a certain campaign you might be better off with a campaign on one of the social media sites likes Facebook, Twitter and others.

A blog or website is usually for the longer term and therefore it is the better idea to grow your audience “organic”. It takes some time and effort, but it pays in the long run.

Infographic Source: SEOSherpa

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Vitus Feldmann

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I hope your community find it useful. James ~ SEO Sherpa

    • Vitus Feldmann says:

      No problem, James! Thanks for coming up with it. The post got a good number of hits and a good number of shares on social media!

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