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Selling Online, Product Listing Ads, Google

Selling Online | Product Listing Ads With Google | IG

The Internet, social media and the opportunity to create an online shop for everyone has made selling online a popular business. In order to promote your products online, there are many options available for online shop owners. One of the most popular ways are product listing ads with Google. The...

SEO, Data, Content Marketing

SEO, Data And Content Marketing Integration | Creating Traffic | IG

Creating traffic for your blog or website is an art. Juggling SEO, Data and Content Marketing isn’t always easy. The task of finding and hitting the right audience for your post isn’t much easier either. Sometimes the best posts and tips go unnoticed for unknown reasons. The infographic below shows...

Visual Marketing, Guide

Visual Marketing | Catch Your Readers Attention | IG

With the appearance of visual marketing, marketers and bloggers have changed the ways to catch our attention a great deal. Over the past 10 years we all became lazy and our attention span has decreased. Reading a text only post or article has become a rarity for many. On whether...

Influence Marketing, Brands

Influence Marketing | Drive Measurable Outcome Online | IG

I have written and posted about influence marketing in the past. The subject is coming up more and more these days. So, here is another version, with additional info, for you to take a look at. Influence marketing is on the rise. Brands in their efforts to watch costs and...

Content Marketing, Ecommerce

Ecommerce Content Marketing | Tips And Hints | IG

Ecommerce content marketing can be a tricky thing. Finding and creating the right content marketing strategy for ecommerce sites is not as easy as some people say. Many marketers find it difficult to reach their audiences and many more even have problems to find the right audience. In order to...

Twitter, Online Business

Social Media Marketing On Twitter | Tips And Insights | IG

With Facebook limiting organic reach for business pages, Twitter becomes the go to platform for social media marketing. It’s time to have a close look and if you don’t have an idea on how to get your Twitter account going, you better develop one. The infographic below provides great information...

Social Media, Small Business, Business, Brands

Social Media Tips For Small Businesses | IG

Stuck with your social media campaigns and the medium in general. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Social media is a fast paced thing these days and what worked today might not work tomorrow. Important is you stay flexible and willing to make adjustments. Have a look at this infographic...

Social Media, News

News In Social Media Can Spread Like A Wildfire | IG

News in social media can spread like a wild fire! An infographic about the reach of news supported by social media. Social media is not only an outstanding marketing tool that can help small businesses to compete with the big brands. The various networks are also huge carriers of news....

Chicago Travel Facts

Chicago Travel: Planning A Trip To The Windy City? | IG

If you are planning your summer vacation, or just a weekend getaway, Chicago might be a good choice. Especially during the summer the “windy city” has  a lot to offer. Have a look at the infographic below and see what’s going on in Chicago and why its worth a trip....

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