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Google+ And Your Social Media Marketing Strategy – Infographic

Google+ is a topic everywhere in social media and marketing circles. The platform is winning over slowly major influencers in the industries, for good reason. Strong content and engagement can get you somewhere, if you have to market products and services. Unlike Facebook, where only a full “war chest” allows...

Google+ And Business2Business Marketing 0324

Google+ Is Becoming The Top Gun In Social Media Marketing

With Facebook taking itself more and more out of the field of useful social media marketing platforms, Google+ gladly steps in and is slowly taking over leadership in the area. The platform is growing fast and marketers are starting to take full advantage of Google+. Have a look at this...

Retail Visual Content Pinterest vs Tumblr 0319

Visual Content: Which Platform Is Better For Your Business – Pinterest vs Tumblr

If your business is selling visual content (products), rather than services, I am sure you have thought about which of the various social media platforms is better for you. To give the answer right away, you should be on all platforms! I know that many don’t agree with me, but...

Social Media Marketing And Sales 0305

Social Media Marketing And Sales: Here Is The Problem… – Infographic

The infographic below shows how corporate is trying to organize and improve sales through social media marketing and how marketing is trying to get the sales department on board. Unfortunately, this is the way how things work in the corporate world. In this social media marketing case, and in many...

Managing and Maintaining Facebook Page Likes 0305

Facebook Marketing: Managing And Maintaining Your Facebook Page And Increase Likes – Infographic

Your Facebook page can be a useful marketing tool. By managing and maintaining the page in the right way, brands and businesses can gain a lot of publicity. This infographic gives you a good number of tips on how to improve your presence. Have a look: Infographic Source: SocialMediaToday/PamDyer

Why Your Business Must Market On Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing: The Reasons Why You Should Do It, 30 Of Them – Infographic

For those that wonder why they should have a presence on Pinterest, here is a list of at least 30 reasons why you should be on there. In general, EVERY retailer should be on there. Pinterest is one of the best platforms when you look for an option to visualize...

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