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Content Marketing Is The Big Winner In Digital Marketing – Infographic

Content marketing is the big winner in digital marketing. And it slowly but surely even filters through with big brands. Well, at least those that are getting sick and tired of spending loads of money for nothing. Too many businesses and brands are still investing fortunes in fruitless marketing campaigns,...

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Content Marketing: How B2B Marketers Approach 2014 – Infographic

Content marketing, along with social media, in its various forms has become a major tool for B2B marketers. In 2013, 93% of B2B marketers used content marketing and 35% use it as their major marketing tool. While these are impressive numbers, they are projected to rise even higher in 2014,...

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Blogging And Content Marketing: Marketers Acquiring New Customers Via Their Blogs

I recently posted “a social media and blogging fact” of 2013 on my Google+. The post describes the fact that 57% of marketers have declared they have acquired new customers via their blog. When I saw the number of 57% I thought this is a low number. After thinking about...

Content Marketing: Marketers Are Still Setting The Wrong Goals And Fail To Show Results

Content Marketing: Marketers Are Still Setting The Wrong Goals And Fail To Show Results

Content Marketing is one of the best tools of digital marketers these days. The number of marketers that are using this form of marketing is growing at a steady rate. While this is a good development, watching the market, it becomes clear that many marketers have a problem with setting...

Content Marketing Trends 2014 Australia

Content Marketing 2014: Trends, Benchmarks And Budgets – Infographic

Content marketing is a major tools in every marketers tool box. Many brands and businesses are increasing their budgets and re-define their goals. Looking at the infographic below, it is interesting to see that sales and lead generation has become a more desired goal than a year ago. Read also:...

Content Marketing: How To Be Effective – Infographic

Content Marketing: How To Be Effective – Infographic

Content marketing can greatly support your social media marketing activities and in itself is an outstanding way to market your brand, products and services. Successes of great content marketers have established the strategy as a recommended way for marketers. This infographic was created originally for Non-Profit content marketers, but can...

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The Book: Value Of Content Marketing – Infographic

Content marketing is one of the most successful marketing methods around in the social media landscape. Customers and other audiences are drawn to good and interesting stuff. Marketers and companies that don’t have a close look at it are by now in the minority and closing in on zero. This...

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