Predictive Marketing | How It Can Improve Your Business

Predictive marketing is said to deliver marketers all the information they need to market products and services. With the information gathered from various sources, businesses will be able to tailor product offers individually, based on what potential customers have bought in the past, talk about what they need and what they watch and take a look at online.

Have a look at the infographic and see how predictive marketing works and how it is already used successfully. For the sales people reading this – “know your customer”. Sounds familiar? For ages, sales people have tried to get more information out of their customers and potential customers. Inviting them to lunch, sports events or a round of golf. All to hear more of what the customer needs. It is the “old form” of predicting what is next for the customer.

What’s your experience with predictive marketing? Feel free to leave your opinion and comment below.

Infographic Source: Lattice

Predictive Marketing

Predictive Marketing

Vitus Feldmann

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