Quality Content Creation Is Essential To SEO Success – Infographic

The major search engines are focusing on creating the best possible user experience, which means sites offering relevant content are king. Check this infographic and see how content will improve your results.

Source: Pamorama, Brafton

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2 Responses

  1. Content creation refers to writing effective posts on the basis of your readers so that they stick with your website for getting updated information. I notice so many people who are still using duplicated contents which means penalizing your website with your hands. If you are doing so then stop it in 2014 because Google is strictly treating this action as spam and its time to write excellent quality contents by keeping in mind the status of your actual readers. Its good to read your post about content writing :)

    • Vitus Feldmann says:

      Hello Stephanie! Thank you for your comment. Yeah, content is King. If you have good stuff, your website or blog will succeed. As far as Google and its effort to punish “copycats” goes, it is very difficult to say what is actually a copycat. According to the top leadership, Google changes its algorithm up to 500 times a year to adjust to the fast paced developments of the subject. With that said, other than a few people at Google, nobody outside of this small circle of people knows for sure what the “ingredients” of the algorithm actually are. What we find in public is information from people and organizations that watch closely what happens with posts, blogs and websites in different scenarios. They give recommendations based on their findings. If I write a good post, I want it to be shared, and so does everyone else who has a blog or website. In fact, everyone offers the opportunity for readers to share everywhere. The problem is more on the side of giving credit to “copied” articles, rather than re-posting on a blog or website. I believe this is what Google is looking for. It is not so much the copied content in itself, it is much more giving credit to the original author. In short, if you give proper credit, you are fine. If not, you will be punished. This, of course, is my observation based on what I observe and see every day.

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