Search And SEO: The Problem With Appearing On Page One – Infographic

Most business owners would rather not deal with search and SEO, nor do most bloggers. For many the subject is so complicated that they have the feeling there is nothing they can do, other then pay Google to put them on top of the list.

If you are under pressure, and most business people are, the subject indeed becomes complicated and appears to have a huge “rats tale” to deal with. A closer look during 5 minutes of peace reveals a more moderate problem. The most of the things that many claim they are able to influence, you can’t influence. If you focus on what you really have influence on things become much easier and less complicated.

This infographic gives a nice overview of all the factors that play into a top search result. It shows what you can change and what not. Have a look and relax.

Infographic Source: Brent Carnduff Blog

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Vitus Feldmann

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