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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has driven webmasters crazy all over the world. While it was a common thing to stuff an article or post with keywords to scream at the search engine, SEO facts have changed over the past. The engines are getting smarter and are able to filter out what is relevant and what is not.  Researching a sandbank on Google doesn’t show results about a financial institution anymore.

Today, Google is using Hummingbird and can filter by semantics. In other words, not only the keywords have to make sense, but the entire article has to make sense. The meaning of your keyword will be linked to your article and have to be relevant to what you write.

Have a look at the infographic from CJG Digital Marketing and see what is important today when it comes to SEO. It is not as technical as it was and is beginning to make sense, which is a good thing for those that have something to say and are not as technical as others.

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Facts About SEO

Facts about SEO

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