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What are the best SEO practices these days? If you are a blogger like me, or you have a website that is mandatory for your business then the question becomes one of the most important in your business.

Every time you believe you have it down with the Google search rankings, the search giant is changing its algorithm and we all start from the beginning to figure out what makes our posts and articles visible. In my experience, besides all the facts and tips that are available on the web, watching your site or blog like a hawk is the most important thing to do. Watch for changes in search traffic on your site or blog and if you find some, use your records of what you did and match them up with the recommendations on how to do better. Chances are you missed some activities or added others that are not so popular with Google anymore.

What are the activities and SEO practices that you need to follow? Well, there are many of them and like it is important to watch your site for changes, it is just as important to watch the recommendations many trusted sites make. Keep them handy, add them to your information database. If you haven’t started such a depository yet, run a search for “SEO” on this blog and you will find many of the latest tips.

The infographic below from and atcore will show you some of the important practices to start with. Have a look and see what might be a good addition to your practices. You can find more tips for SEO here.

Your comments about the subject are appreciated.

Content And SEO

Content And SEO


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