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To market a website or blog these days can be a tricky thing. One of the most important things to get it right is your SEO strategy.

The number of websites and blog is ever increasing, and so is the content of these sites. Google, as the most relevant search engine, is busy to figure out on how to deliver the most relevant and important content to its searchers. By adjusting their algorithms and filtering nonsense sites, Google keeps webmasters on their toes.

Nothing is the same as it was yesterday and tomorrow will be different from today. Never was a complete SEO strategy as important as it is these days. So, with all that said, what to do?

Have a look at the infographic below and see what could be part of your strategy. There are 5 tips to boost your SEO and with that get your website or blog going.

What is your experience with your traffic over the past year? Do you have any tips? Feel free to comment below or if you have questions, contact me.

Infographic Source: AriesTCO

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy

Vitus Feldmann

Ex-Professional Soccer Player, International Banker, International Business and Soccer Analyst. Global Marketing & Social Media Leader. Communicator and Connector! I help businesses and individuals to do better marketing and social media marketing. My focus is revenue creation because that is what keeps the business going. I am in business for over 30 years and I have learned to question the status quo. The ability and willingness to do so has given me an edge in my job. Marketing, especially social media marketing is fast paced. Today, nothing is like yesterday and tomorrow is different from today. Your business suffers, if you don't adjust. I am also an avid photographer and my favorite "model" is New York City.

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