Sitting Down Will Kill You – Infographic

Today’s infographic from details the potential harms in spending too much of your day sitting down. Other than the obvious (more time sitting = less time for exercise = gaining weight) sitting for prolonged periods can not only increase your risk for diabetes, but for heart disease as well.

On the positive side, if you are required to sit at your job, or say in a class, it is better to sit at a more reclined angle rather than straight up or hunched over. Also, just remember to try and be as active as you can for the environment that you’re in.

For more information on sitting vs. standing please refer to the infographic above. [Via].

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4 Responses

  1. mandyf says:

    It’ll certainly give you hemorrhoids – I can say that for sure

  1. June 13, 2012

    […] Sitting is Killing you – Blog Post, What do you think? […]

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