Smartphones And Shopping Behavior – Infographic

“ Smartphone Influence Factor “ for Retail in-Store Sales Indeed, a recent released report from Microsoft, “Mobile in the Consumer Journey,” finds that 30% of average consumers use their smartphones to compare prices during shopping for both in-store , a figure that rises to almost 71% among savvy smartphone users , while another report from Deloitte , it mentioned that Over 60% of mobile shoppers use their smartphones while in a store, and another 50% while on their way to a store.

Source:, Mobilegeosocial


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2 Responses

  1. usafa93 says:

    It’s amazing how Android has overcome Apple so quickly.

  2. usafa93 says:

    I’ll be interested in seeing if the Window’s slice increases. I’ve used the Nokia Lumia, and it is my favorite so far.

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