Social Media And Commerce | Turning Into Sales Channels | Infographic

The intentions of doing business on social media have changed over the past three years. While not that long ago experts were not recommending to use social media platforms for sales, but rather for brand development and brand recognition, times have changed. Even today many marketing agencies are still counting likes and followers without being able to determine how many of these social media activities actually turned into sales. In the meantime, social media has turned slowly but surely into a solid sales channel.

Have a look at the infographic below from Invesp and see how the facts and numbers have changed over the past years. You can expect further growth in sales numbers, but you should consider changes on certain platforms when you determine your best chance to sell on social media. Keep in mind, Facebook for example, has made it clear that they want a share of your social success. If you post on that platform and you don’t promote your post, you are shooting blanks. Only few people see what you are offerings. The numbers for Facebook in this infographic might change.

What is your experience with selling on social media, or buying? Are you using the diverse platforms for selling or buying? Which one?

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Sales And Social Media



Vitus Feldmann

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