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What consumers buy these days is very often depending on the product’s or service’s social media influence. Naturally, big brands have the most social media influence. However, social media has given smaller businesses and individuals the opportunity to level out this advantage. In a direct comparison between a small business and a big brand this might not be an apparent thing at first sight, however, small numbers of many small businesses are adding up and can become a threat for big players.

Many smaller retailers are doing a much better job in their social media efforts and are gaining in influence. Big brands very often use their social media properties as pure message blasters and don’t put a lot of care in engagement with their potential customers. Looking at engagement rates of big brands and small businesses some differences are visible. Starting with following back on Twitter, to responding to comments on Facebook. Many small businesses and individuals are doing better than big players. In the long run, the effort will pay off.

Have a look at the infographic below and see how buying decision are already influenced by social media. It’s a trend that won’t turn around. Engagement will create influence and influence will create business.

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Infographic Source: MobileDonky

Social Media, Buying, Decision

Social Media, Buying, Decision

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