Social Media Marketing For B2B – Infographic

Social Media is not only a preferred tool for B2C marketers, but over the past two years also became a major tool for B2B marketers. The reasons are clear, brand awareness and revenue generation are important to every business, not matter to whom you are selling. Both, and a few other goals, can be accomplished with a good thought trough social media presence and campaign.

If You Are A Social Media Marketer, This Is The Place You Need To Be

Based on facts and numbers of 2013, the infographic below shows how B2B might operate in 2014. Have a look and see if your strategy is in line. However, and this is very important for your B2B social media marketing efforts, don’t neglect two major content and social platforms as the creator of this infographic did: You Tube and WordPress! This is important just for the fact that the use of these two platforms can and will make up and succeed your results coming from Facebook, if you put some effort into it. While Facebook seems to be everyone’s “baby”, in my opinion and experience, it can be neglected. I do so for the simple reason that success on Facebook has to be bought. With the same effort, and for free, YouTube and WordPress will take you much further, especially in B2B social media marketing.

Infographic Source: RealBusinessRescue

Social Media, Marketing, B2B

Social Media, Marketing, B2B

Vitus Feldmann

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