Social Media Marketing ROI Is Still Much Like Voodoo For Marketers

Social media is still much like Voodoo for marketers. Not just for a few, but for most of them. Looking at this infographic reveals some interesting facts about how social media has changed how we do our business these days. From retrieving news to buying stuff, the ways have changed. Have a look at this infographic and see how things have changed and how marketers have to adjust to the new habits of their potential clients and customers.

The infographic below still shows major problems in measuring ROI in social media. Many marketers are still measuring success by likes and followers and the question comes up, where does a like or follower leave a mark on the balance sheet? Likes and followers are not much more than a potential client walking into your store and then walks out without buying. Interest is demonstrated, but there was no fitting product or the sales people didn’t sell. Brands and businesses’ social media properties still don’t show a desire to sell, that’s why marketers are not able to determine ROI. Where there is nothing, there is nothing to measure!

Text: Vitus Feldmann – Infographic Source: Jamie Phipps

Marketing Revoluzionized By Social Media 0127

Vitus Feldmann

Ex-Professional Soccer Player, International Banker, International Business and Soccer Analyst. Global Marketing & Social Media Leader. Communicator and Connector! I help businesses and individuals to do better marketing and social media marketing. My focus is revenue creation because that is what keeps the business going. I am in business for over 30 years and I have learned to question the status quo. The ability and willingness to do so has given me an edge in my job. Marketing, especially social media marketing is fast paced. Today, nothing is like yesterday and tomorrow is different from today. Your business suffers, if you don't adjust. I am also an avid photographer and my favorite "model" is New York City.

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