Social Media Marketing And Sales: Here Is The Problem… – Infographic

The infographic below shows how corporate is trying to organize and improve sales through social media marketing and how marketing is trying to get the sales department on board. Unfortunately, this is the way how things work in the corporate world. In this social media marketing case, and in many other marketing cases, it should actually be the other way around.

Social media marketing should be managed by sales people and marketing departments should be working for the sales guys, as they demand it. Social media marketing, like no other marketing strategy, comes with the opportunity to change and adjust on the spot. However, this opportunity can only be managed by sales people. They talk to the potential clients and customers and learn of potential shortfalls of the marketing material or content used.

Social media marketing is successful if you hit the potential client’s demand “right now” and not later.

Infographic Source: mohitlakhmani

Social Media Marketing And Sales 0305

Vitus Feldmann

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