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Facebook Revenue Where Is It Coming From

Facebook Revenue: Where Is It Coming From? – Infographic

Facebook is for sure the biggest social media player around. While everyone else has troubles creating sufficient revenue, Zuckerberg and his people seem to have it down. Revenues are considered top notch.

Some might wonder were its all coming from. Well, marketing and advertising executives love the site. Have a look at this infographic and see were and how Facebook creates revenue. Whether all this keeps growing in the future is a different question. For now, it is what it is, good!

Text: Vitus Feldmann – Infographic Source: BestManagementDegrees

Facebook Revenue Where Is It Coming From



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Facebook Q4 Earnings: Not Everything That Shines Is Gold – What To Consider When Evaluating

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Facebook reported Q4 earnings and the numbers were great! Consequently, the stock price surged. Everyone invested in the company is smiling and some of those that are not, are not so happy. Don’t be sad, if you are not invested, not everything that shines is Gold! Here is why:

The first thing you need to understand before you celebrate the results is, these are numbers created by selling advertising in the different forms the company offers it. That still doesn’t confirm that the product actually works and these numbers will be the same at the end of the next quarter. They might, nor they might not.

Keep in mind, it was Holiday season and everyone spent the biggest chunk of their annual advertising budget. Also, if you need an indication on how Facebook advertising might work, have a look at the Q4 results of those that actually do the advertising. There are quite some “long faces” to look at. I am not blaming Facebook for the weak Christmas season of the retailers, there are quite some other factors to consider, but I keep having my thoughts on Facebook’s business model and the value of advertising on the platform. I am also sure, that advertisers will have their second thoughts on the success rate of their advertising on Facebook and at one point spend money otherwise.

While I am saying this, I also want to remind you that it doesn’t matter how many users Facebook has, all that matters is how many of these users actually click on advertising and follow through with sales. Based on your behavior when you are on Facebook doing your thing, you can get an idea of how good the product is.

Also important to consider, if you base your decisions about buying the stock on “trusted sources” like Wall Street Analysts, keep in mind that they only crunch numbers from the past, there is barely a common sense statement regarding the future. Also, they might follow own interests, or not. You decide.

Hand in hand with reporting the numbers, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg stated “Facebook’s future might not entirely rest on Facebook itself”. I am not saying this is an acknowledgement of weakness, but I would strongly agree with him. Facebook has acquired and keeps acquiring other businesses and some of them could to have a bright future, which, in my opinion, Facebook itself doesn’t have.

So, if you are bullish on Facebook, consider these things. You might be happy you have.

Disclaimer: The statements made are my own opinion based on what is reported in the various news sources and my understanding of the markets and the industries. If you look for financial advice, check back with your bank or other sources. Read the disclaimer as well.

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Will Digital Advertising Become More Than An Interruption?

Patrick Keane, president at ShareThrough and Bloomberg Businessweek’s Felix Gillette discuss the launch of Re/Code and the state of digital advertising on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

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Representations of Gender in Advertising – The Two Sides Of Advertising

The advertising industry is working with all tricks to make us believe what they want us to believe. For the most part they are very successful with it. Sales are good and that is what counts for most of us. However, there is another side to it and that one is not so great. Once in a while we should remind ourselves that the advertising world is not reality and what you see on TV will not reflect in your mirror, no matter how hard you diet or how hard you are trying to display the “big shot”. Hunger yourself to death or getting depressed while trying to be cool should not be an objective to strive for. This video is a combination of funny, sad and a reminder of the unreal world we are confronted with when we watch advertising. –TheMainStreetAnalyst–

This culture jam is a school project that was created for a Women and Gender Studies class at the University of Saskatchewan by Sarah Zelinski, Kayla Hatzel and Dylan Lambi-Raine.
We wanted to show how ridiculous media portrays gender roles and stereotypes in advertising through presenting gender roll reversals.

Facebook Advertising And Marketing: Timeline, Overview, Tools – Infographic

Facebook has definitively changed the marketing and advertising world. Many companies, small and big, have experienced great success with the opportunities presented by Facebook. While the advertising opportunities, in my opinion, are debatable, the general marketing opportunities are outstanding.

Have a look at this infographic which gives you a timeline of Facebook advertising and an overview what marketing tools are available on Facebook. Have a look, this one is worth it.

Infographic Source: Bluehost

Facebook Marketing And Advertising - How Facebook Has Changed The Industry 1128

Native Advertising And Its Opportunities – Infographic

Native Advertising is a term that is popping up more and more in advertising and marketing circles. Altimeter Group made an attempt to explain the subject with an infographic. Have a look and see the description of the term and the opportunity behind it. In addition to the infographic, also check out Altimeter Group’s report about Native Advertising here

Source: AltimeterGroup

Native Advertising Opportunity 1119

Fraud In Digital Advertising – Infographic

Fraud is the online advertising industry’s dirty secret. Web security experts trained to fight malware and bank fraud report that $6 billion is being stolen from advertisers in schemes now involve professional organized crime operations.

Read also: International Advertising: Make Sure You Know What You Advertise In Other Parts Of The World – Infographic

Source: Pixalate

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Consumers And Online Shopping The Science

What The Consumer Wants: Online Shopping Behavior – Infographic

This infographic shows how consumers behave when browsing and shopping online. It also demonstrates and confirms the old retailer and advertising wisdom, “if you know what your customer wants, you will sell”. While this is nothing new, the graphic also shows a few other things you might have not expected from your customers. Have a look.

Infographic Source: Sociomantic

Consumers And Online Shopping The Science


International Advertising: Make Sure You Know What You Advertise In Other Parts Of The World – Infographic

The world has become a small place. That counts for all of us, especially for businesses. Many of them, small or big, have taken advantage of the global marketplace and sell products and services all over the world.

Popping up somewhere else in the world and trying to do business is not that easy. You can’t just pop up and put your stuff out, without considering language, culture and a few other things of importance. What you believe is the greatest thing since the wheel might offend people in other parts of the world.

Have a look at this infographic and the information provided. The info might will help you to consider a few things when you start advertising internationally.

Source: International Business Guide