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Content Marketing For Small Business

Content Marketing For Small Businesses | Infographic

Content Marketing for Small Businesses – It is now for years that I am telling my clients and potential clients social media, including blogging, is giving you a chance to compete with the big brands. Content marketing has given everyone that has something to say, whether they sell products or...

Tumblr, SEO and Social Media

Tumblr Is SEO And Social Media | How To Use It | IG

Tumblr is one site that has been growing steadily over the past years. However, the micro blogging site is underused when it comes to usage for SEO and social media marketing purposes for really no good reasons. For those that are using images, short text, gifs and other visual content...

Social Signals And Your Content

Social Signals | Why They Are Important For Your Content | IG

On whether your audience, or your potential audience, will find your content depends not only on a well executed SEO strategy, but also on social signals your post is sending out once it is posted on your various social media properties. The entire world is talking about SEO and how...

Promote Your Article

Blogging | Ways To Promote Your Latest Article Or Post | Infographic

Blogging and writing has its challenges. Knowing the ways to promote your latest article or post is key to get the piece in front of people. While seasoned bloggers and writers have their own ways, some of them are mentioned here, newcomers and owners of new blogs might need some...

Visual Marketing, Guide

Visual Marketing | Catch Your Readers Attention | IG

With the appearance of visual marketing, marketers and bloggers have changed the ways to catch our attention a great deal. Over the past 10 years we all became lazy and our attention span has decreased. Reading a text only post or article has become a rarity for many. On whether...

Blogging, Local Search Rankings, Blog

Local Search Rankings And Blogging | Give Your Blog A Boost | IG

If blogging is your passion, but you are not happy with your traffic, try to improve your local search rankings. Bloggers usually go the extra mile to create traffic for the information they provide. And while there are many ways to boost the audience, one strategy has been underutilized by...

Blogging: The Ways Your Post Can Be Shared

Blogging: The Ways To Share Your Post – Infographic

Blogging is one of the best ways to market your products, services or your brand. While you can spend millions of dollars to push your message on Facebook for short term results, blogging about what you have to offer and delivering good content will give you longer lasting results.

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