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Influence Marketing | Drive Measurable Outcome Online | IG

I have written and posted about influence marketing in the past. The subject is coming up more and more these days. So, here is another version, with additional info, for you to take a look at. Influence marketing is on the rise. Brands in their efforts to watch costs and...

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Why Most Brands Mess Up Customer Service On Twitter

Customer service on Twitter is a tricky thing. Complaints are public and unqualified responses can dig a deeper hole for brands. A coupe of weeks ago I wrote an article about “The Non-Sense Big Marketing Agencies Are Selling To Big Brands”. One of the results was a response  from Software...

Brands Doing Well On Twitter

Leading Brands On Twitter – You Will Be Surprised To See Who Is Not There – Infographic

With almost 100% of big brands on Twitter, the ways how the platform is being used are changing. While some brands are still in the process of figuring out how Twitter can work for them, some others have gotten a grip on it and do quite well. Have a look...

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Social Media Marketing ROI Is Still Much Like Voodoo For Marketers

Social media is still much like Voodoo for marketers. Not just for a few, but for most of them. Looking at this infographic reveals some interesting facts about how social media has changed how we do our business these days. From retrieving news to buying stuff, the ways have changed....

Social Media Is A Never Ending Marathon And The Next Big Thing Is Sales – Infographic

Social Media Is A Never Ending Marathon And The Next Big Thing Is Sales – Infographic

Big and small business are using social media to improve their business in some form. While the most still measure their success in social media with likes and follows, some businesses are moving on trying to measure sales referred by social media. 58% of those that claim they have sales...

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