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Generation Z, Marketing

Generation Z | The Marketing World Will Change, Again | IG

While many marketers are still busy to find out how to reach millenials (20-37 year old consumers), the next consumer group is standing ready to change marketing again: Generation Z! These 19 and under upcoming consumers and their habits will provide the next headache in marketing and advertising. This generation...

Digital Marketing Spending 2014

Digital Marketing Spending In 2014 | The Rise Continues | IG

Digital marketing spending is on the rise. With technology and internet improving, social media sites gaining in popularity and shopping online becoming a real experience, more and more consumers are turning to the digital marketplace for their shopping needs. Subsequently, honoring the fact, marketers are increasing their spending on digital...

How Consumers Shop Online

How Consumers Shop Online | Infographic

Consumers shop online. The business of selling online has increased dramatically over the past decade. Social media, increased and advanced online access and adequate mobile devices have given online business and shopping a major push. Honoring the fact, marketers and business owners have improved their online shops and added features...


Email Marketing: More Sophisticated Readers And Consumers Require Better Campaigns – Infographic

Email marketing can still be a successful marketing tool. However, as readers and consumers get more sophisticated in choosing products and services, email campaigns need to keep up and require more than in the past. Many things are to consider these days: Planning, considering user actions, which message to send...

Big Data Marketing: The Benefits – Infographic

Big Data Marketing: The Benefits – Infographic

Each day, consumers are voluntarily posting vital information about their likes and dislikes on social media sites. If this data can be captured and adequately organized, businesses can have at their disposal the exact information they need to improve their marketing efforts. The advent of progressive, human activity has led...

Shoppers Beware: How Retailers Are Spying on You

Shoppers Beware: How Retailers Are Spying on You

Identifying the online behavioral patterns of consumers is a walk in the park compared to the challenge physical tracking poses for marketers. The solution? Companies are turning to high-tech gadgets, even spy gear, to collect data about customers. Bloomberg’s Rachel Crane takes a look at a few of these sneaky...

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