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Marketing And Content: The Costliest And Most Profitable – Infographic

Content Crossroads is presenting the a visual almanac for the discerning B2B marketer. Information you needed to know regarding the costliest content, easiest content and most profitable content. Continue reading

Facts And Headaches Of Financial Services Firms And Banks – Infographic

Financial services firms and banks are always looking for ways to improve profits by cutting costs and improving customer satisfaction. The infographic below shows facts and headaches these firms experience while taking on the various projects. Continue reading

Retirement Shortfall: Will You Run Out of Money Before You Die?

The retirement savings shortfall in the U.S. is about $4.6 trillion and Medicare costs will almost double over the next decade to $1.1 trillion per year. Here are some explosive facts about your retirement safety net. (Source: Bloomberg)

The Real Cost Of A Website – Infographic

In 10+ years of creating professional web designs, we’ve learned a lot about working with clients of all sizes. Early on, we discovered a common thread shared by many first-time website owners; they struggle to understand why the costs are what they are when working with professionals to create and promote their presence on the web. Continue reading

Compare On-Premise vs. Cloud-Based Authentication – Infographic

Compare the Total Cost of Operation of an on-site authentication solution vs. a cloud-based authentication service, and further understand the business and technology benefits of cloud-based authentication when evaluating your authentication infrastructure. Continue reading

Super Bowl Ad Costs $4 Million. Big Advertisers Pay With Pocket Change – Infographic

It happens pretty much every year: The price of a 30-second commercial spot during the Super Bowl, the pinnacle of the professional American football season, climbs to a new record high. For this year’s game, to be broadcast on Feb. 3, the spots have reportedly been sold for $3.7-$3.8 million. Even if you adjust for inflation, a Super Bowl ad costs 10 times more today than it did during the first championship game in 1967. Continue reading