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Blogging And Content Marketing: Marketers Acquiring New Customers Via Their Blogs

I recently posted “a social media and blogging fact” of 2013 on my Google+. The post describes the fact that 57% of marketers have declared they have acquired new customers via their blog.

When I saw the number of 57% I thought this is a low number. After thinking about it for a few minutes, the number made more sense to me. Considering that creating a blog to boost and start a content marketing campaign is not something marketers have always done, the number seems more accurate. For many marketing departments it is relatively new to use blogs to support content marketing campaigns. I am sure that at the end of 2014 the number will be higher.

Have a look at the post below. Your responses and opinions are appreciated on Google+ or in the comment section.

Finding Customers In The Big Facebook Pond – Infographic

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Some say finding a customer, or a sale, on Facebook is like fishing. Well, Facebook is a big pond, with lots of fish. With the right strategy and bait you might just find what you are looking for.

Have a look at this infographic explaining how fishing in the big Facebook pond might help you find a customer.

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Infographic Source: PostPlanner

Facebook Sales Fishing For Customers1119

Cross Channel Marketing: How To Engage Customers Effectively – Infographic

how-to-effectively-engage-customers--cross-channel-marketing_5255e0646853bMarketers need to be able to deliver relevant and consistent communications across all channels. With the always on, hyper-connected consumer moving seamlessly across devices throughout the day, marketers are turning to a cross-channel approach to put the customer at the heart of their marketing strategy and maximize every interaction opportunity. Experian Marketing Services presents the Australian Cross-Channel Marketing Report. Don’t worry, if you are not in Australia, have a look anyway. Some of this information can be applied to any other country.

Source: ExperianMarketing

Meet Your Customers Where They Are: SEO Matters – Infographic

think-seo-doesnt-matter_5230c0fa62733Think SEO is just an urban, marketing myth? Think again! Vanessa Fox, SEO writer and consultant, had the following to say regarding the credibility of SEO: “SEO is not about tricks or manipulating algorithms. It’s about understanding the online landscape and evolving to meet your customers where they are. ”Search engine optimization is essential to any small or large business, looking to establish and/or increase their web presence (and ultimately, their consumer base). For all you SEO shunners and non-believers, let’s take a look at the latest infographic released by the Dubai-based, youth marketing agency, Y2M.ae for some supportive research!

How Modern Hospitality Business Are Using Social Media – Infographic



The hospitality industry has all the opportunities to thrive on social media, if they do it right. But careful, mistakes can make them pay a price.

This infographic shows how hospitality businesses and their customers are using social media.

Source: BestHospitalityDegrees

The New Purchase Loop For Inbound Marketers – Infographic

is-the-purchase-funnel-dead-infographic_51e97dd405c47The Purchase Funnel developed in 1898, by Elias St. Elmo Lewis, the now familiar pathway customers travel from consideration to purchase, may not be dead but many marketers believe it’s on it’s way out.

The four step process integral to every CMO’s approach to marketing: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action is changing, in a big way. Continue reading

The Anatomy Of Content Marketing – Infographic

Content marketing is a way of creating and sharing content to promote ideas, engage targeted audiences and encourage them to take action. It’s an integrated approach to marketing, with quality content at its heart. Just as the heart powers the body, content powers online marketing success. Quality content in the form of blogs, social media posts, search-optimized articles and so on is a driving factor in attracting new customers and building brand loyalty. Continue reading

Better Customer Service, Better Business – Infographic

67% of consumers state they are inclined to spend more money with a company that provides top-notch customer service, and 75% of consumers are willing to spend more money with companies that boast a history of quality customer service. To keep the numbers high, businesses small and large are still putting the customer first. But what is their approach? Continue reading