Health | Facts About Milk | Infographic

Health, fitness and taking care of your body and mind is a huge business these days. No doubt, watching out for your health and fitness and with that keep an healthy mind is a good thing to do. However, as it is with a lot of things, you can overdo it. Sometimes it is easy to change a few little habits to improve your situation, or make the first step for a healthier life.

Have a look at the infographic below from ResearchOMatic and see what drinking some milk a day can do for you, your partner and especially for your kids. Maybe this can be your first small step to change and  a healthier lifestyle. Have a look at the infographic. If you want to know more, read the research report by clicking the link above.

Health Milk Facts

Health Milk Facts

You Are What You Drink – The Caffeine Poster – Infographic

You are what you drink. With so many drinks today claiming to be “energy drinks”, I wanted a little visual clarification, so I made The Caffeine Poster. With coffee drinks on one side and canned cold drinks on the other, you can quickly see how much of a caffeine “hit” (in mg) you will get after consuming. What’s especially interesting is many of the drinks have a very high caffeine mg/oz ratio, but the drink is so small you don’t get that much total caffeine…Read More