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Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing: Tips And Info For Those That Stay Loyal – Infographic

There is big discussion going on on whether Facebook marketing is still something businesses should engage with. With the desire to create more revenue, the company changed its algorithms and it now became very difficult to make posts visible to fans. While some experts claim they found ways to get around Facebook’s restrictions, it remains questionable if the site can deliver value for smaller businesses or individuals.

For those that love Facebook and would stay loyal, here is an infographic that shows a few things to consider when doing Facebook marketing. Have a look!

Infographic Source: PimpMyCD

Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook Marketing Strategies

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Measuring Facebook Marketing After The Algorithm Change

Measuring Facebook Marketing After The Algorithm Change – Business2Community

Well, the measuring and optimizing is done quickly in this case: If I want to reach 10,000 people with my post and I can’t or don’t want to pay Facebook for it, I will have to go somewhere else.

For small and medium businesses with a tight budget, Facebook has become a platform that can only run on the side in order to catch “strugglers”. Social media marketing is done better elsewhere.

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Small Business And Social Media: Why You Can Neglect Facebook

The Main Street Analyst, Social Media, Marketing, Business

The Main Street Analyst, Social Media, Marketing, Business

The business environment for small business has become much more competitive with the appearance of social media. While competition is high, with the various social media platforms, new marketing opportunities have opened up for small businesses to compete with the big brands. The right use of the right platform can have a major impact on every business.

While Facebook was the first social media platform offering everyone to “open a shop” in the social media world, with the growth of other social media sites, the (ex)-leader has made itself more or less obsolete with small and medium sized businesses with limited budgets. Facebook marketing, at this point, is only successful if you can spend dollars like the big brands. Here is why:

If your Facebook business page has created 1,000 followers in the past and you create a post on Facebook, this post will only be seen (appearing in your followers stream) by a fraction of the total follower number. With a 1,000 followers and some luck, somewhere between 60 and 200 followers will be able to see your post in their newsfeed. And this is an already inflated number!

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Facebook doesn’t want you to post links, because that would take the reader away from the site. So, if you post a link, even less people will see your post. If you want to create a positive marketing experience on Facebook, you need to spend money, and a lot of it. First, if you don’t have a sufficient network of friends, family and customers that already like your page, you need to spend dollars to acquire fans on the platform. If you have done so and you have a good number of people following or liking your page, the spending is not over. As described above, if you want your people to see what you are posting, according to Facebook, you should spend more on a promoted post, so that more of your likers can see what you post. And this counts for every post. For many small businesses, and those that have to keep an eye on expenses, this just makes no sense.

Considering the power of other social media platforms, there is no reason why a small business and those watching expenses, spend a lot of time on Facebook. Your time is better invested in taking care of your website, Google+, Pinterest, You Tube, Twitter and creating and maintaining a blog. Those platforms, if worked the right way, will increase your visibility and improve your reach.

I have read a lot of articles on the diverse social media platforms on how you can build a great community around your Facebook page and I don’t dispute these articles. However, if you follow these articles, you spend too much time on Facebook, while you could use the same amount of time on all the other platforms combined and have better results. Keep your current Facebook page and keep posting on it, with maintaining the other platforms you might increase your followership on Facebook for free. Once you have an “overflow” of money you can spend it for promoted posts.

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp

Facebook Splashed The Cash – Facts And Numbers Behind The What’sApp Deal – Infographic

Facebook has splashed the cash again. The receiver of the “bucks”, What’sApp and its owners and stakeholders. $19 Billion did the social media leader spent on the messaging app and with that, the transaction became the biggest social media deal so far. Looking at the infographic reveals some inflationary pricing, considering that Instagram was bought for $1 Billion and Snapchat was offered $3 Billion by Facebook not that long ago.

The infographic reveals a few other interesting numbers. That What’sApp is sending 500 million images a day compared to the 350 million sent by Facebook might look like a surprise to many. Have a look and see what else is worth mentioning around this deal.

Text: Vitus Feldmann – Infographic Source: TechInfographics

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp

Facebook Revenue Where Is It Coming From

Facebook Revenue: Where Is It Coming From? – Infographic

Facebook is for sure the biggest social media player around. While everyone else has troubles creating sufficient revenue, Zuckerberg and his people seem to have it down. Revenues are considered top notch.

Some might wonder were its all coming from. Well, marketing and advertising executives love the site. Have a look at this infographic and see were and how Facebook creates revenue. Whether all this keeps growing in the future is a different question. For now, it is what it is, good!

Text: Vitus Feldmann – Infographic Source: BestManagementDegrees

Facebook Revenue Where Is It Coming From



10 Years Of Facebook Timeline 0206

Facebook: The Elephant In The Social Media Room – A Timeline – Infographic

Facebook is the elephant in the social media room! Not a day goes by when the company is not in the news. Not only is the platform the biggest of all, it is also the most discussed and under scrutiny daily for various reasons. These days Facebook will be around for 10 years. Have a look at this infographic with a 10 year timeline and some of the most important milestones.

Infographic Source: International Business Times

10 Years Of Facebook Timeline 0206

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Facebook Q4 Earnings: Not Everything That Shines Is Gold – What To Consider When Evaluating

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Facebook reported Q4 earnings and the numbers were great! Consequently, the stock price surged. Everyone invested in the company is smiling and some of those that are not, are not so happy. Don’t be sad, if you are not invested, not everything that shines is Gold! Here is why:

The first thing you need to understand before you celebrate the results is, these are numbers created by selling advertising in the different forms the company offers it. That still doesn’t confirm that the product actually works and these numbers will be the same at the end of the next quarter. They might, nor they might not.

Keep in mind, it was Holiday season and everyone spent the biggest chunk of their annual advertising budget. Also, if you need an indication on how Facebook advertising might work, have a look at the Q4 results of those that actually do the advertising. There are quite some “long faces” to look at. I am not blaming Facebook for the weak Christmas season of the retailers, there are quite some other factors to consider, but I keep having my thoughts on Facebook’s business model and the value of advertising on the platform. I am also sure, that advertisers will have their second thoughts on the success rate of their advertising on Facebook and at one point spend money otherwise.

While I am saying this, I also want to remind you that it doesn’t matter how many users Facebook has, all that matters is how many of these users actually click on advertising and follow through with sales. Based on your behavior when you are on Facebook doing your thing, you can get an idea of how good the product is.

Also important to consider, if you base your decisions about buying the stock on “trusted sources” like Wall Street Analysts, keep in mind that they only crunch numbers from the past, there is barely a common sense statement regarding the future. Also, they might follow own interests, or not. You decide.

Hand in hand with reporting the numbers, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg stated “Facebook’s future might not entirely rest on Facebook itself”. I am not saying this is an acknowledgement of weakness, but I would strongly agree with him. Facebook has acquired and keeps acquiring other businesses and some of them could to have a bright future, which, in my opinion, Facebook itself doesn’t have.

So, if you are bullish on Facebook, consider these things. You might be happy you have.

Disclaimer: The statements made are my own opinion based on what is reported in the various news sources and my understanding of the markets and the industries. If you look for financial advice, check back with your bank or other sources. Read the disclaimer as well.

A Close Look How Big Is Google 0127

Google Is King: See The Stats And Facts – Infographic

While many argue Facebook is the biggest player on the internet and social media, the real king is Google. The direct competitor to Facebook, Google+, is behind in the number of users, but is catching up fast. With YouTube the company has another fast growing social media platform and both together, Google and YouTube, are the two biggest search engines on the internet.

Have a look at this infographic and see what else Google is and how big the company really is. The stats and facts are enormous!

Infographic Source: BestComputerScienceDegrees

A Close Look How Big Is Google 0127

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Facebook Is Starting To Saw Off The Branch It Sits On

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Facebook’s power is its user base. The number of users is estimated well over one billion. It must be said though, not everyone believes that. There are quite a lot of people that have multiple accounts on the platform. And no, it is not an in-significant number. Also, there are first signs that users are getting a little tired of the site and are leaving, for various reasons.

Years back, when Facebook turned out to be a site that could lure a lot of people in, a business model was developed. The speculation was that the user base will grow and that on the other hand, will lure in advertisers. And it did. As you can see in your news feed, there are many suggested posts. And that’s just in addition to other advertising spots. The suggested posts are the posts advertisers pay for and are also those nobody clicks on. Well, some do, but it is not a number that lets advertisers become too excited about. A good email or other marketing campaign can do the trick as well. The advertisers themselves are not the only people that are starting to realize that Facebook advertising might not be better than sliced bread. The company knows about the weaknesses and is working hard to create other opportunities to keep the revenue coming.

It is already widely reported that Facebook is trimming its algorithm to further cheat businesses, and individuals, for their opportunity to share content. While doing so, they don’t care on whether your fans have signed up on your page to receive your content or not. All that counts is their own wallet.

Besides of not making your content visible to your fans, Facebook discriminates on content and the way content is presented on your page. For example, if you just wrote a blog post and you post a link to your post on your page, Mark Zuckerberg and friends make sure just a few people get to see your link. The excuse for that, well, if you click on a link you are moving the user away from the site. On the other hand, if you post one of those ground breaking cat pictures, you can be sure 4 – 5 times as many people will get to see that one. Not all fans, of course not. The reason for that, if you want your fans to see what you have posted you will have to pay. And even that doesn’t guarantee full display either.

It is also worth mentioning is the offer to promote your page in order to increase the number of page “likers”, for pay of course. Once you bought that promotion, they still don’t let your “likers” see what you got, unless you pay again. I wonder if one of the next steps is to charge you for every time someone likes a post of yours.

So, using a Facebook page as a marketing tool is trending towards the category waste of time. Why would someone post, if nobody, or just a few, gets to see what is posted? According to news reports, there are organizations that reconsider their strategies. The downfall always starts somewhere.

At the same time when reports appear that some users are leaving the site, the company turns the screw on businesses. In addition, the opportunities for online and social media marketing are growing. I think the headline is fitting the circumstances.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Why do you post on Facebook, if your fans won’t receive your message?
  • Your website/blog is example.com and you own it. Why would you promote facebook.com/example?
  • Think about what you can do with your website/blog for the same effort and resources you put into Facebook