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Better Facebook Posts Increase Your Reach | Infographic

Facebook has become a major challenge for marketers as far as visibility of posts concerns. An average post might only reach 10 – 20 people and that is by far not very satisfying. That you have a followership (page likers) in the thousands or even more is driving tears into...

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Advertising, Marketing | How To Create Ads On Facebook | Infographic

Facebook is a great marketing tool, if you pay them. If you can, your question will be, how to create ads on Facebook? The infographic below from SurePayroll is a great tool to help you in getting your advertising on Facebook in the right direction. Facebook used to be a...

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Facebook Stats | Platform Events In A Minute | IG

Despite all the critics, me included, Facebook is still a leader in social media. According to the Facebook stats, the platform is in heavy use every day, every minute. Check out the infographic below and see what’s happening on Facebook in an average minute. The stats and facts are quite...

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Google+ Turns Three | Taking Over From Facebook | IG

Google+ turns three on June 28th. Happy Birthday! What an interesting ride it has been so far. The platform had to take a lot of abuse during the beginning stages, but has adapted and became a valuable social media and business platform. While many claim Google+ will not reach the...

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How To Save Your Facebook Page From Going Unseen – 22 Tips | IG

Facebook page owners are struggling to keep their pages alive. After Facebook’s algorithm change the visibility of posts declined to almost nothing. Small businesses with follower ship in the hundreds rather than in the thousands can barely make their posts visible to 10 people. Without a budget to promote posts,...

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Facebook Advertising Revenue | What Analysts Are (Really) Missing

Rosenblatt Securities’ Brian Blair and Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson break down Facebook’s first-quarter earnings report on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg) In my opinion: This Bloomberg video celebrates Facebook as a big winner after their Q1 earnings report. The title of the video is “what analysts are missing”. What analysts...

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Facebook Marketing: Tips And Info For Those That Stay Loyal – Infographic

There is big discussion going on on whether Facebook marketing is still something businesses should engage with. With the desire to create more revenue, the company changed its algorithms and it now became very difficult to make posts visible to fans.

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Measuring Facebook Marketing After The Algorithm Change

Measuring Facebook Marketing After The Algorithm Change – Business2Community Well, the measuring and optimizing is done quickly in this case: If I want to reach 10,000 people with my post and I can’t or don’t want to pay Facebook for it, I will have to go somewhere else. For small...

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Small Business And Social Media: Why You Can Neglect Facebook

The business environment for small business has become much more competitive with the appearance of social media. While competition is high, with the various social media platforms, new marketing opportunities have opened up for small businesses to compete with the big brands. The right use of the right platform can...

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Facebook Splashed The Cash – Facts And Numbers Behind The What’sApp Deal – Infographic

Facebook has splashed the cash again. The receiver of the “bucks”, What’sApp and its owners and stakeholders. $19 Billion did the social media leader spent on the messaging app and with that, the transaction became the biggest social media deal so far. Looking at the infographic reveals some inflationary pricing,...

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