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Beckham, “Class Of ’92″ And The Royal Qatari Family Buying Manchester United – The Best Football/Soccer Idea…

I was just reading a report in the Daily Mail that David Beckham, his friends and ex-team mates of the “Class of ’92″ (Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs and the Nevil brothers) are bidding to acquire Manchester United from the Glazer family. The bid is supposed to be funded by the Royal Qatari Family and is over 2 billion English Pounds.

Well, when the “Daily Mail” and “The Sun” report news, one never knows how much of it, or anything at all, is true. So, it is kind of difficult to add some meat to this. However, if the news has legs, this is probably the best football/soccer idea for over 40 years.

Why is that? Well, do you know Bayern Munich? Over 40 years ago an ex-player took over the business matters in that club. The guys name: Uli Hoeness! As a world cup winner with Germany in 1974 and multiple domestic title winner with Bayern Munich, there was no doubt that Hoeness knew what’s going on in the football/ soccer world. The guy has also displayed a huge mind and sense for business and made Bayern Munich one of the most successful clubs of recent times. As of today, Bayern is arguably the best team in the world. And it doesn’t look like this will change quickly.

Not that Manchester United was unsuccessful over the past 2 decades, the opposite is true, they had lots of success. However, recent changes, most notably Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement let the club slide down the rankings like a bobsled the ice track at the Olympics. As it stands today, it requires a major financial infusion to get the team back on track. On track means on top of the English Premier League, not second, third or fourth. On whether that will be sufficiently accomplished under the current ownership has to be seen. The Glazer’s have been known to fill their own pockets first, before significant money has been spent to strengthen the team.

Beckham and his friends have the same understanding of football/soccer that Hoeness had when he started at Bayern. Over time, he got many other German football greats in to the management team. Beckenbauer and Rummenigge are the best known. Both are still in more or less important roles active at the club. Beckham and his friends would find a franchise that is already established as a brand and could start the project of bringing Manchester United back to relevance way further down the road than Hoeness with Bayern did over 40 years ago. These guys know football/soccer and as far as I can tell, at least Beckham has a sense of big business. There is a good chance that this idea could turn out to be a fantastic one.

If true, this could be huge for Manchester United and English football/soccer. For my part, not as a Manchester United fan, but as a football/soccer fan, I am hoping!

Soccer Is Life: Which Is The Best European Soccer Team? – Infographic

Soccer, or football, is fiercely discussed in the most parts of the world. Fans of all clubs tend to sell their clubs as the best. Those statements are not always most accurate, because there is a lot of emotion in the topic and wearing a club hat while judging other teams just doesn’t work well.

Nicola Cerin has put together the infographic below, giving a more reliable overview of the performance of the best European clubs. Have a look and see if you find some surprises.

Infographic Source: Nicola Cerin

Soccer Is Life Best European Football Teams 0101

Soccer Is Life: Possession In Football/Soccer Is Useless As A Measure For Dominance

In the aftermath of the Champions League clash between Manchester United and Real Madrid (1-2) the discussions are heated. Reporters, fans and otherwise acknowledged experts debate who deserved the win. One word that comes repeatedly to the surface is “possession”. Here is the explanation of possession in football/soccer: Continue reading

Soccer vs Football, Also Called Football vs Carry-The-Ball – Infographic

Soccer vs Football, also called Football vs Carry-the-ball – Always keep the humor!

Soccer vs. Football

  • 700 million people watched the last World Cup
  • 111 million people watched the last Super Bowl
  • $177 million is the estimated visitor spending at the last World Cup
  • $153 million is the estimated visitor spending at the last Super Bowl
  • The average cost for a 30-second commercial in the U.S. during the last World Cup was $250,000
  • The average cost for a 30-second commercial in the U.S. during the last Super Bowl was $3 million
  • 41 percent of people re-watch the ads
  • The main method of advertising during the World Cup is Kit endorsements
  • XANGO is the first company to sponsor a MLS (Major League Soccer) kit
  • Each team in futbol has 11 players on the field
  • Each team in football has 11 players on the field
  • There are 798 total professional futbol players in the U.S.
  • There are 1,696 total professional football players in the U.S.
  • The size of a futbol, field averages 120 yards long by 80 yards wide
  • The size of a football field is 120 yards long by 53.3 yards wide
  • The average futbol, or soccer, player runs an average of 4.3 miles a match
  • The average defensive back in football can deliver 1,600 pounds of tackling force
  • From start to finish the total time of a futbal match averages 109 minutes, 68 minutes of which is actual game play
  • From start to finish the total time of a football game averages 187 minutes, 11 minutes of which is actual game play
  • There are 2.5 goals scored on average during a futbol match
  • There are 44 points scored on average during a football game
  • Futbol averages 11.5 fouls per match
  • Football averages 8.6 penalties per game
  • Samuel Eto’o Fils is the highest-paid futbol player in the world and makes $28 million per year. He plays for Inter Milan
  • Peyton Manning is the highest-paid football player in the world and makes $23 million per year. He plays for the Indianapolis Colts
  • The average U.S. futbol, or soccer, player makes $100,000 annually
  • The average U.S. football player makes $1.9 million annually

Sources: ESPN.com and MLSsoccer.com

Social Media: Soccer Beats “Football” In Popularity – Infographic

Americans love their football. Brits love their football, too. Thing is, they love different footballs. Americans love the football that involves a pigskin, gridiron and crushing body blows between 300-pound behemoths. Brits, and pretty much the rest of the world, love the football that’s also known as futbol, futebol or — in the States — soccer.

But how do the respective footballs match up on social media? A comparison of the NFL and English Premier League yields some interesting results as both seasons begin to get under way. While the NFL’s official league pages dominate their EPL counterparts on Facebook and Twitter, EPL clubs’ global appeal appears to give them an big advantage when matched up against top NFL franchises.

On Facebook, the EPL’s Manchester United rules all with about 27 million fans, while London clubs Chelsea and Arsenal each top 11 million. The NFL’s top team on Facebook, meanwhile? The Dallas Cowboys, with just over 5 million Likes. On Twitter, the EPL’s Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool all top a million followers, but no NFL teams have yet cracked 500,000.

While the EPL’s major clubs — which play exhibition matches around the world and compete in the annual international Champions League — have incredibly strong global brands, social numbers suggest that the NFL has higher popularity as a league. The NFL’s official Facebook and Twitter pages total a combined following of about 10 million users, while the equivalent EPL accounts total about 2 million followers.

The following infographic put together by Confused.com gives a visual representation of how the two football leagues compare on social media. Check it out for fuller picture, then let us know in the comments — why do you think the NFL rates higher as a leagued, but EPL teams kick the most individual butt?

Source: Mashable.com, confused.com

EURO 2012 – Group B Is “Group Of Death” – Nothing Unusual Happened So Far

With Denmark beating the Netherlands and Germany beating Portugal in the first round of group play, nothing unusual really happened in the group of death. Two games are played, and two results are in, that’s really all.

It was clear since the draw that everything can happen in this group. It is not really a surprise that Denmark won over the Dutch and Germany over Portugal. The way how the games went confirms what everyone has expected from the beginning: Everyone can beat everyone. You can analyze the two games to death, what came out are two facts, every game has a result, and luck. On this first day the lucky winners were Denmark and Germany. None of the winners indicated that they will clearly win the second group game and none of the losers clearly indicated that they will lose the second game as well. Just as predicted.

As the games clearly displayed, it might very well happen that on Wednesday night, after two game days, all four teams might sit on three points. Anyone willing to rule this out? Even with the results from game day one turned upside down, the same conclusion would be right. In this group, like in no other, everything is possible.

While in some of the other groups we will know after game two who will advance into the knock out stages, in this group, we will have to wait until the last game is played. Nothing new here as well. Let’s all sit back and enjoy the upcoming games. It is going to be exciting until the last minute of the last game.