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Google+ For B2B Marketing 0

Google+ For B2B Marketing | Why And How To Use The Platform | IG

For marketers, Google+ is one of the most important social media platforms out there. As a matter of fact, Google+ is a must for every marketer, B2B or B2C. The platform is just what it is, Google. Posting and engagement on the platform is sending social signals to the search...

Google Ranking Factors 0

Google Ranking Factors | What Determines Search Results | Infographic

It is probably the question of the century, what determines the ranking in search results? The Google ranking factors are the best and most kept secret and experts everywhere are watching carefully what is taking influence. So, every information is gold. Have a look at the infographic below and see...

Selling Online, Product Listing Ads, Google 0

Selling Online | Product Listing Ads With Google | IG

The Internet, social media and the opportunity to create an online shop for everyone has made selling online a popular business. In order to promote your products online, there are many options available for online shop owners. One of the most popular ways are product listing ads with Google. The...

Google+, Birthday 0

Google+ Turns Three | Taking Over From Facebook | IG

Google+ turns three on June 28th. Happy Birthday! What an interesting ride it has been so far. The platform had to take a lot of abuse during the beginning stages, but has adapted and became a valuable social media and business platform. While many claim Google+ will not reach the...

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