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The Social Landscape For CMOs 0323

Update On The Social Media Landscape – Infographic

The social media landscape is changing on a more or less regular basis. It is worth having a look at it multiple times a year and see what is going and what platform can be used for what. The infographic below shows the major players in social media and what they are good for.

The Main Street Analyst Add-on: If you are not a big brand with an endless marketing budget, Facebook is NOT the platform you should spend a lot of time on and with. Unless you pay, your posts won’t have any influence on anyone and your time is better spent somewhere else. Maintain a minimal presence with important information for stragglers, but don’t expect a major breakthrough from that direction.

Infographic Source: AdobeCMO

The Social Landscape For CMOs 0323

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Soccer Is Life! Brazil 2014, A Basic Guide On What To Expect – Infographic

2014 is going to be a big year for soccer fans. Brazil is hosting the world cup and every fan around the globe is on fire. For those that consider to travel to Brazil, this infographic gives some basic information about the game plan, how to travel around and what to expect in the cities that host the games. Have a look and see what you can expect, or miss.

Infographic Source: JustTheFlight


Twitter Business Guide 1129

A Guide For Better (Business) Use Of Twitter – Infographic

Twitter is an awesome tool to promote and market your business, including your products and services. There are a few things you must know and you need to take care of, in order to get the most out of the platform. Have a look at this guide on how to do Twitter right.

Infographic Source: RenderPositive

Twitter Business Guide 1129


Facebook Apps: What, Where, How – A Guide – Infographic

We’re often asked this question about Facebook Apps – what are they and how do I use them? So we decided to go ahead and put together a crash course on Facebook Apps together on an infographic – something that the internet absolutely loves.
Simply put, you should think of Facebook Apps as small websites that reside on your Facebook page that allow you to give your fans an experience and functionality that goes beyond the realm of what Facebook can offer by itself. Continue reading

Social Media Mastery For Small Business – Infographic

Many small businesses are still missing out on the opportunity to do some decent social media marketing, or do a little and get stuck in the middle of it.

Social media marketing is no rocket science and this infographic as a guide is of great help and support for small businesses.  Continue reading

Penguin & Panda: Guide To Google Updates – Infographic


Google has constantly updated their search algorithms and many people and businesses that run their own “SEO Operations” have been wondering why their sites have been dropping in rankings. Penguin & Panda are responsible for the drop.

This infographic gives you an update on what to watch for when adjusting your keywords, links and SEO in general.

Source: No Pork Pies



A Guide To Content Marketing – Infographic

According to a new infographic from Demand Metric, 60% of people have been inspired to seek out a product after reading about it.

With content marketing growing and taking a big role in businesses’ marketing efforts, here is a guide to content marketing for those that are still looking to catch up. Continue reading