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Using Twitter For Business 0

Using Twitter For Business | Infographic

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms these days. For good reasons. One of them is the fact that more and more businesses find ways to use their account for business purposes. The infographic below by E-RiseDigital shows why Twitter is so important for your business and...

Create Ads On Facebook 0

Advertising, Marketing | How To Create Ads On Facebook | Infographic

Facebook is a great marketing tool, if you pay them. If you can, your question will be, how to create ads on Facebook? The infographic below from SurePayroll is a great tool to help you in getting your advertising on Facebook in the right direction. Facebook used to be a...

Content Marketing: How To Be Effective – Infographic 0

Content Marketing: How To Be Effective – Infographic

Content marketing can greatly support your social media marketing activities and in itself is an outstanding way to market your brand, products and services. Successes of great content marketers have established the strategy as a recommended way for marketers. This infographic was created originally for Non-Profit content marketers, but can...

Essentials Of Press Releases: Dos And Don’ts – Infographic 0

Essentials Of Press Releases: Dos And Don’ts – Infographic

Drafting a well-written and attention-grabbing press release doesn’t require a Public Relations degree. However, finding concrete news worth touting and learning the ins and outs of press release etiquette is essential for showing off your credibility and attracting the attention of busy journalists.

How To Use Twitter Lists – Infographic 0

How To Use Twitter Lists – Infographic

We’ve already explained how to create and edit Twitter lists, as well as suggested a few tools to make doing that easier. But we have yet to go into much detail on the most important part of Twitter lists: how you use them. You could use the handiest tool out...

The Perfect Tweet – Infographic 1

The Perfect Tweet – Infographic

We’ve written quite a bit on The Wall about how to improve your tweets. We’ve looked at everything from where is the best place in a tweet to place a link as well as how to get more clicks out of your tweets by identifying factors that tend to lead to higher click-through rates on tweeted links.

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