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A Close Look How Big Is Google 0127

Google Is King: See The Stats And Facts – Infographic

While many argue Facebook is the biggest player on the internet and social media, the real king is Google. The direct competitor to Facebook, Google+, is behind in the number of users, but is catching up fast. With YouTube the company has another fast growing social media platform and both together, Google and YouTube, are the two biggest search engines on the internet.

Have a look at this infographic and see what else Google is and how big the company really is. The stats and facts are enormous!

Infographic Source: BestComputerScienceDegrees

A Close Look How Big Is Google 0127

Marketing Department Evolution 0114

Marketing: The Internet Has Doubled Marketing Channels And Many Marketers Struggle To Adjust – Infographic

With the help of the internet, marketing channels have more than doubled over the past years. Nevertheless, many marketing departments and many attitudes of marketers have problems to adjust. This infographic gives an overview of the changes and the resulting facts. Have a look.

Infographic Source: Adecco

Marketing Department Evolution 0114


Facebook, Twitter, Narcissism And The Selfie Syndrom – Infographic

That too much exposure to the internet and social media creates some changes in people is established for a while. Does that lead to the downfall of society? What do you think?

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Have a look at this infographic and see some signs of narcissism and negative effects of social media. How much are Facebook and Twitter responsible for the change in people?

Infographic Source: BestComputerScienceSchools


The Reasons Why We Would Love To Get Rid Of The Internet – Infographic

Yeah, the Internet! We all had our days when we decided this is it, “I am not doing this nonsense anymore”. Years later, we are still on there, and probably more engaged than ever. It seems nothing works without the Internet. Anyway, have a look at this Infographic and have a smile about the reasons why we sometimes would like to throw the computer out of the window.

Infographic Source: TheMapleKind

Reasons To Get Rid Of The Internet

Copyright Infringement On The Internet: Myths And Facts – Infographic



We’re in the middle of a Copyright Infringement epidemic happening on the Internet right now. Copyright is misunderstood and as a result webmasters and people posting online are breaching Copyright left, right and center.

Source: Legal123

Internet And Tech: The Evolution Of Social Collaboration – Infographic




The way we communicate has been completely revolutionized by social platforms and has evolved on a huge scale in the past 4 decades. With it, we’re able to have instant access to breaking news the click or tap of our finger.

Source: HighQ

The Internet Transformation Over The Past 40 Years – Infographic



The Internet is a vastly different beast today than it was 40 years ago. This illustration takes a look at the transformation that brought it from four computers to over 750 million households. In times of social media, in one single minute, it accommodates 700 videos, 28,000 Tumblr posts, 100,000 tweets and more than 34,000 Facebook likes–and that’s just average.

Source: WhoIsHostingThis

The Growing Digital Advertising Market – Infographic



In this day and age, traditional forms of advertising are quickly becoming obsolete. In research done by Nielson, Internet advertising has been outgrowing traditional forms like television, radio, magazines, and newspaper. It is projected to take up a quarter of the advertising share by 2015.

Source: Advice Interactive Group

B2B Marketing: Business Buyers Are People Too – Infographic

business-buyers-are-people-too--b2b-ecommerce-statistics_51d1a6bdb42f8For a long time B2B marketers believed it is not of advantage to spend time and money in social media marketing. This is another wonderful infographic to show why B2B marketers must do social media marketing.

In the e-commerce world, the lines between B2C and B2B are blurring as retailers and brands begin serving multiple audiences online. Melissa is part of the B2B audience. She embodies the new enterprise purchaser. View our infographic to learn the facts about B2B, and how buyers like Melissa want to shop.

Source: ShopVisible