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Social Media, Men, Women

Women Are Smarter Than Men: But There Is Hope, They Still Use Facebook More

Women are smarter than men. Yes, there I said it. They see faster through nonsense than men do. The infographic below is not the first that shows women doing better on social media, not only for leisure but on a professional level as well. However, there is hope for us men, women are using Facebook more than men. Who would have thought they haven’t figured that one out, yet.

Have a look at the infographic below and see the gender differences on social media and mobile. Pretty interesting stuff. Enjoy!

Infographic Source: FinancesOnline

Social Media, Men, Women

Social Media, Men, Women


Digital Marketing: 2014 Trends, Tips, What To Do And What Not To Do

Search, social media, mobile and local marketing will continue to grow businesses across the globe. Depending on how the different marketing divisions set up their strategy and plan, some will have better successes, others have less. Keep in mind, what worked in the past, might not work in 2014.

This infographic shows trends and tips from social media marketing to search marketing and from mobile to local marketing. Make sure you have the humor button turned on when you check this infographic.

Infographic Source: arraecreative


Responsice Design Is Important-1217

Website Development: Why Responsive Design Is A Good Choice – Infographic

The ways how people are accessing the Internet are changing and so do the ways how they shop or otherwise do business on the web. It won’t be long and our “trusted friend”, the PC or laptop, will disappear and everyone will do business on the phone or a tablet, or a watch. For business and personal websites alike, it is important that someone visiting your site from a mobile device is able to read your offerings.

This infographic explains and underlines the importance of responsive design and why it is a sound choice versus having a mobile site (adaptive design). Have a look.

Infographic Source: SEOcial

Responsice Design Is Important-1217


Smartphone And Tablet Shopping On Black Friday And Cyber Monday – Infographic

Mobile and tablet shopping became a major part of retailers marketing research. Of course everyone was busy to find out how smartphones and tablets made out as shopping tools for the 2013 Black Friday and Cyber Monday season. Have a look at this infographic and see some surprising and stunning numbers about the growth of mobile shopping.

Infographic Source: eBay



Local Mobile Search Is Growing In A Mind Blowing Pace – Infographic

People look to buy stuff in their neighborhoods. So, to no surprise, local search is growing rapidly. And in times of smartphones and tablets, people search on mobile devices, local. And people intent to do business when they search local on mobile devices.

This infographic shows some mind blowing facts and trends about “local mobile search”.

Infographic Source: GetFoundLA.com


Digital Marketing Statistics 2013: The Details Are Stunning – Infographic

As time goes on in the digital marketing world the statistics are getting more and more interesting. Have a look at this infographic with facts and numbers from content marketing, social media to SEO and mobile marketing.

Infographic Source: Yoda

Digital Marketing Statistics 33 1126

Mobile Shopping Trends Holidays 2013 1126

Holiday Shopping: Mobile Shopping Trends For Marketers – Infographic

The holiday season is the most important season for retailers and their marketing departments. Those that have a good portion of their revenues coming from online sales have to watch closely what’s happening in the mobile market. Missing a trend can mean catastrophe at the end of the month when the numbers are added up.

Check this infographic for the latest trends in online mobile shopping. What are people doing with their smartphones and tablets? Have a look and adjust your marketing efforts, there is still time.

Infographic Source: Mobstac

Mobile Shopping Trends Holidays 2013 1126

UK E-Commerce (Others Have A Look Too): Social Media And Mobile Firing The Engines – Infographic

Social media and mobile technologies have given E-commerce a big boost. About half of all online purchases are influenced by social media, while, according to Google, 72% of Tablet owners make multiple purchases a week.  That’s strong stuff.

Have a look at this infographic and see some other impressive numbers and facts.

Infographic Source: Profixo


Mobile Email Marketing: 60% Of Brand Email Is Read On Mobile – Infographic

Smartphones and tablets are on their way to replace PC’s. With many tasks finished easier on a mobile device, it is no wonder that emails from brands are also read from mobile devices. Email marketing is shifting from PC’s to mobile, and it is not really a surprise.

Have a look at this infographic and learn some interesting facts about reading brand email from mobile devices. The infographic gives also some tips and hints on how you should create marketing email, so that it can be read without issues on a phone or tablet.

Source: HubShout