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Sales And Social Media

Social Media And Commerce | Turning Into Sales Channels | Infographic

The intentions of doing business on social media have changed over the past three years. While not that long ago experts were not recommending to use social media platforms for sales, but rather for brand development and brand recognition, times have changed. Even today many marketing agencies are still counting...

Content Marketing, Facts and Numbers

Content Marketing | Facts And Numbers July 2014 | Infographic

Content marketing is on the rise, still. The majority of marketers have adopted the strategy for their marketing purposes. While not all report satisfying results, the importance is clear to everyone and budgets are on the rise. Have a look at the infographic from One Spot and see some facts...

Instagram Staggering Facts And Numbers

Instagram | Staggering Facts And Numbers | IG

Instagram has been growing with staggering pace over the past 3.5 years. Facebook acquired the platform with good reason. Instagram became quite influential in the social media world and in spite of other messages a quite prestigious social media platform. The majority of the biggest lifestyle brands have a presence...

Bad Customer Service, Social Media, The Price

Bad Customer Service: Facts And Numbers – Infographic

I just wrote an article “Why Most Brands Mess Up Customer Service On Twitter”. While the article gives some information on why brands have issues with customer service on social media, this infographic gives a few numbers and stats to the subject. It also names a few of the worst...


Google’s Achievements, Facts And Numbers In A Timeline And Why It Has Changed Our Lives – Infographic

Google has turned into one of the most influential companies in the world, if not the most influential. In the process, it has changed our lives dramatically. Have a look at this infographic with some amazing and interesting facts, achievements and numbers. Infographic Source: Etoro

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Social Media Statistics 2013 (First Take) – Infographic

2013 slowly comes to an end and the experts are already busy to check on facts and numbers for the year. This infographic shows some of the numbers, not complete of course, since it is only November. Have a look and see how social media has developed over another year....

Stunning Social Media Numbers And Statistics – Infographic

Stunning Social Media Numbers And Statistics – Infographic

In 2013, the social media space has changed drastically. This time last year, Vine, Instagram video and Snapchat didn’t even exist! In the past year, Facebook and Twitter have gone through multiple changes. Have a look at this infographic and see some remarkable stats. Source: Likeable

The Smartphone Landscape: Facts, Numbers, Statistics – Infographic

The Smartphone Landscape: Facts, Numbers, Statistics – Infographic

Cell phones have become more than phones to stay in touch with friend, family and your boss. Today, cell phones, or smart phones, are starting to replace PC’s and the makers, models, features, apps are ever increasing. A cell phone only phone is becoming a dinosaur, facing elimination from the...

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Twitter IPO – The Latest And Past Facts And Numbers – Are You Buying?

Twitter’s IPO is coming up on Thursday. Big and small investors are hanging on to see what is going to happen. Will it be a success, or will it be a Facebook like IPO event? Here is the latest and some past info about the popular social media platform. If...

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