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B2B Marketing: Why You Must Seperate Online And Offline Leads – Infographic

Online sales from B2B marketing efforts are slowly increasing.  Not that long ago, experts were discussing on whether social media and inbound marketing are even fit to support B2B marketing efforts and result in sales. Well, it works.

The problem for the moment, many companies don’t know how to handle their lead generation from online sources and lose out on business. This infographic shows the differences between offline and online lead generation and explains how to better handle leads.

Infographic Source: Salesforce

Online And Offline Sales Difference 1117

Mobile Shopping: Growth Rates Are Exploding – Infographic

Accessing the internet on a mobile device for all purposes is clearly on the rise. More and more people use their phones or tablets for search, social and shopping.

The infographic below shows the growth of mobile conversion rates for a global retailer from 08/2012 – 08/2013. The numbers are pretty impressive. Continue reading


Generation N: The Biggest Advocates Of Native Advertising – Infographic

Generation N’ is a term coined for 18-34 audiences wanting to interact with brands online. They may not know the term ‘native advertising’ but they engage with it more than traditional advertising. Continue reading

Influence Marketing: Why Social Proof Is Important – Infographic

social-proof--the-art-of-influence-marketing_5251333fc6b10Social proof isn’t just an abstract psychological concept for big marketers – it’s one of only a handful of online marketing methods that works for almost any kind of business. Social proof builds trust and increases conversions which ultimately increases revenue.

Influence marketing can be a powerful tool for marketers, once they find the right influencers. Have a look at this infographic to see what’s behind “social proof” and influence marketing.

Source: SocialProofCreative

Marketing Effect Of Video – Online Video Statistics 2013

This self initiated project came about as we were collecting online video statistics.

Not many people are aware of the reach and marketing potential of online video, so we created this animation to highlight some of the key facts and benefits.

We hope you enjoy it… and please feel free to share!

Source: Diode Digital

Meet Your Customers Where They Are: SEO Matters – Infographic

think-seo-doesnt-matter_5230c0fa62733Think SEO is just an urban, marketing myth? Think again! Vanessa Fox, SEO writer and consultant, had the following to say regarding the credibility of SEO: “SEO is not about tricks or manipulating algorithms. It’s about understanding the online landscape and evolving to meet your customers where they are. ”Search engine optimization is essential to any small or large business, looking to establish and/or increase their web presence (and ultimately, their consumer base). For all you SEO shunners and non-believers, let’s take a look at the latest infographic released by the Dubai-based, youth marketing agency, Y2M.ae for some supportive research!