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Visual Content: Which Platform Is Better For Your Business – Pinterest vs Tumblr

If your business is selling visual content (products), rather than services, I am sure you have thought about which of the various social media platforms is better for you. To give the answer right away, you should be on all platforms! I know that many don’t agree with me, but...

Why Your Business Must Market On Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing: The Reasons Why You Should Do It, 30 Of Them – Infographic

For those that wonder why they should have a presence on Pinterest, here is a list of at least 30 reasons why you should be on there. In general, EVERY retailer should be on there. Pinterest is one of the best platforms when you look for an option to visualize...

Pinterest Marketing Searchable Pins

Pinterest Marketing: Creating New And Returning Traffic With Searchable Pins – Infographic

Pinterest has grown into one  of the best marketing tools for retailers. Driving traffic is mandatory for every website that is used to drive sales. Creating new and returning visitor traffic is challenging. Have a look at this infographic and see how Pinterest can help you creating traffic in support...

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Pinterest – A Must For Every Retailer – Infographic

Pinterest is one of the biggest players in the social media world when you need a site that helps you to sell your products. For most social media savvy businesses the site shows better results than Facebook and some others highly regarded platforms. This is an outstanding infographic about how...

The Digital Marketing Landscape 0127

Digital Marketing: Social Media Platforms By The Numbers – Infographics

The infographic below shows the most popular social media platforms and marketing tools in the digital marketing world. Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ are currently the fastest growing networks. Interesting that 3 of the fastest growing are “visual” platforms. Infographic Source: Campaingium

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How Target Is Bringing Pinterest to Real-Life Sales

Retailers big and small are grappling with how to use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to bring shoppers inside their physical stores. Target is having some success bridging between online shopping and in-store buying, setting up displays in its stores flagging shoppers to popular items from its...

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