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Why Pinterest Is Good For Your Business 0203

Pinterest – A Must For Every Retailer – Infographic

Pinterest is one of the biggest players in the social media world when you need a site that helps you to sell your products. For most social media savvy businesses the site shows better results than Facebook and some others highly regarded platforms. This is an outstanding infographic about how...


Online Retailers Nightmare: Shopping Cart Abandomant Costs $1.8 Trillion – Infographic

Online retailers biggest nightmare is when potential buyers browse the site, add products to the shopping cart and then abandon the shopping cart. According to Ripen Ecommerce, this years cart abandonment will be almost $1.8 trillions. That’s massive and sure will be addressed by retailers. The infographic below shows you...


Thanksgiving Shopping Season 2013: Best Days For Retailers – Infographic

The Thanksgiving shopping season is the most important season for most retailers. All are interested in finding out which are the top shopping times for buyers. With shops opening on the holiday, a new pattern has evolved. Have a look at this infographic and see how shopping turned out in...

Mobile Shopping Trends Holidays 2013 1126

Holiday Shopping: Mobile Shopping Trends For Marketers – Infographic

The holiday season is the most important season for retailers and their marketing departments. Those that have a good portion of their revenues coming from online sales have to watch closely what’s happening in the mobile market. Missing a trend can mean catastrophe at the end of the month when...

Mobile Shopping: Growth Rates Are Exploding – Infographic

Mobile Shopping: Growth Rates Are Exploding – Infographic

Accessing the internet on a mobile device for all purposes is clearly on the rise. More and more people use their phones or tablets for search, social and shopping. The infographic below shows the growth of mobile conversion rates for a global retailer from 08/2012 – 08/2013. The numbers are...

Showrooming: Retailers Nightmare – Infographic

Showrooming: Retailers Nightmare – Infographic

While the majority of retailers have set up their online shops, and enjoy the returns, there is a problem they desperately try to get solved in their brick-and-mortar stores: “Showrooming”! 60% of people in US stores are showrooming. Not only that, more than half of them are using their mobile...

Transforming Retail: Digital Technology And Consumer Expectations – Infographic

Transforming Retail: Digital Technology And Consumer Expectations – Infographic

  Social Media And Tech Are Changing The Game The demand for retailers to step up their game is more apparent than ever. Consumers are shifting the retail landscape and innovating with technology to engage the tech savvy shopper is a must. Source: Hubba

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