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Sales And Social Media

Social Media And Commerce | Turning Into Sales Channels | Infographic

The intentions of doing business on social media have changed over the past three years. While not that long ago experts were not recommending to use social media platforms for sales, but rather for brand development and brand recognition, times have changed. Even today many marketing agencies are still counting...

Tweets That Generate Engagement

Tweets That Generate Engagement | Infographic

With Twitter becoming more and more relevant in the social media world, how do you create tweets that actually create some engagement with your followers? Twitter is on its way to become an outstanding platform to create sales on social media. The key to tap into your resources is, like...

Social Media Measurement

Social Media Activities | Measure Your Results | IG

With so many businesses and individuals trying to make an impact on social media, it is important to measure your social media activities and see if the results match up to what you are trying to achieve. Usually goals on social media differ from brand to brand and from business...

Predictive Marketing

Predictive Marketing | How It Can Improve Your Business

Predictive marketing is said to deliver marketers all the information they need to market products and services. With the information gathered from various sources, businesses will be able to tailor product offers individually, based on what potential customers have bought in the past, talk about what they need and what...

Socialize Ecommerce

Social Media And Business: Socialize Your Ecommerce And Increase Sales – Infographic

Social media has a major influence on your sales numbers. And it doesn’t matter on whether you sell online or offline. When people make decision on things to buy, there is barely any transaction going on without doing research and social media conversation.

Social Media Platforms Driving Sales 0311

Social Media Is Turning Into A Sales Driver – Which Platforms Work? – Infographic

Over the past years I have always claimed that social media should be a sales driver. When I started doing so, I received a lot of heat from the “experts”. Then, the common opinion was, social media is good for brand awareness and other more or less unmeasurable marketing activities....

Social Media Marketing And Sales 0305

Social Media Marketing And Sales: Here Is The Problem… – Infographic

The infographic below shows how corporate is trying to organize and improve sales through social media marketing and how marketing is trying to get the sales department on board. Unfortunately, this is the way how things work in the corporate world. In this social media marketing case, and in many...

Pinterest Marketing Searchable Pins

Pinterest Marketing: Creating New And Returning Traffic With Searchable Pins – Infographic

Pinterest has grown into one  of the best marketing tools for retailers. Driving traffic is mandatory for every website that is used to drive sales. Creating new and returning visitor traffic is challenging. Have a look at this infographic and see how Pinterest can help you creating traffic in support...

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