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Google CTR The Thing With0103

Search And SEO: The Problem With Appearing On Page One – Infographic

Most business owners would rather not deal with search and SEO, nor do most bloggers. For many the subject is so complicated that they have the feeling there is nothing they can do, other then pay Google to put them on top of the list.

If you are under pressure, and most business people are, the subject indeed becomes complicated and appears to have a huge “rats tale” to deal with. A closer look during 5 minutes of peace reveals a more moderate problem. The most of the things that many claim they are able to influence, you can’t influence. If you focus on what you really have influence on things become much easier and less complicated.

This infographic gives a nice overview of all the factors that play into a top search result. It shows what you can change and what not. Have a look and relax.

Infographic Source: Brent Carnduff Blog

Google CTR The Thing With0103


Digital Marketing: 2014 Trends, Tips, What To Do And What Not To Do

Search, social media, mobile and local marketing will continue to grow businesses across the globe. Depending on how the different marketing divisions set up their strategy and plan, some will have better successes, others have less. Keep in mind, what worked in the past, might not work in 2014.

This infographic shows trends and tips from social media marketing to search marketing and from mobile to local marketing. Make sure you have the humor button turned on when you check this infographic.

Infographic Source: arraecreative



Who Is Calling The Shots In Search Or Why You Must Focus On Google+ – Infographic

Google is search, or search is Google. We can turn and twist it as much as we want, Google is calling the shorts in search. The fact helps Google+ to gain traction in the social media world and eventually will take the number one spot from Facebook.

Have a look at this infographic and see how Google+ and changing SEO guidelines take influence on social media and what you will find in your search results.

Infographic Source: TechMagnate



Local Mobile Search Is Growing In A Mind Blowing Pace – Infographic

People look to buy stuff in their neighborhoods. So, to no surprise, local search is growing rapidly. And in times of smartphones and tablets, people search on mobile devices, local. And people intent to do business when they search local on mobile devices.

This infographic shows some mind blowing facts and trends about “local mobile search”.

Infographic Source: GetFoundLA.com



Digital Marketing And Small Business Owners: “New Waters” And Insecurity About The Subject Prevents them From Doing Better

Small Business Owners are busy people. Many of them are running their operations successfully for decades. With social media, digital and websites technologies becoming major marketing and business subjects, many of the “old guard” business owners are overwhelmed with what all this means. Many people smile or laugh about this, but there is nothing wrong with not knowing the details about this new “fuzz”. After all, business owners are busy running their business and many struggle to allocate time to important marketing issues.

For people that are absolutely new to digital marketing, search and social media, and there are still lots of them, this infographic explains how the entire process works and how potential customers find businesses online.

For all business owners, if you have questions what all this means for your business and what you can do better, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are willing to help and answer questions.

Infographic Source: B2Interactive



Google Is A Search Giant…Not Only: Stats And Facts About A Tech Powerhouse – Infographic

For many Google is a search engine. Well, that’s true, but its by far not all what Google is. The company is a giant in search and in many other areas of technology. A true tech giant. Have a look at this infographic and see what else Google does, besides search. It is gigantic.

Infographic Source: Wishpond


Link Building For SEO the Headaches 1129

SEO And Search Traffic: Is Link Building Still Important?

Link building in order to take advantage of something has always been around. Recently, changes in search algorithm’s have put the practice of link building to improve search rankings on the spot. The practice has always had its black sheeps and they still ruin it for many of us. For many, link building is as popular as cold feet.

With all the abuse in link building and other relevant metrics such as social media taking the field, it now became the question if likes and +1′s are more valuable than a link form another website or blog. The infographic below shows the history and some milestones of link building. Have a look and let us know your opinion about the subject.

Infographic Source: FatJoe

Link Building For SEO the Headaches 1129

SEO And Marketing: What’s The Future Gonna Be Like?

Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Content. Things have become a little different in the past two years. While in the past it was important to manipulate your website’s keywords in order to get found in an Internet search, in the near future it is more important to have relevant and quality information to pop-up in a search. With search engines getting trimmed to make sense of content, fuzzing around in the code of the website might be a thing of the past. Well, that is at least as it looks like today. Who knows, things can change quickly these days.

Have a look at the infographic below and see what some experts of today have to say about the future of SEO and marketing.

Infographic Source: Pardot

SEO And Marketing The Future 1117

Search And SEO: Hummingbird Is Looking For Meaningful Connections – Infographic

Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm is supposed to deliver better search results by understanding the meaning of your search keywords in your search query and and the results that respond to this meaning and are hiding on the Internet.

Google announced that this new member of their large SEO algorithm is a preparation for mobile searches. Have a look at the infographic below and see how Hummingbird search can influence your SEO.

Source: PiktoChart



Stats And Facts About Search (And Some SEO) – Infographic

After running a search and getting your results page up, do you click on paid search results? Have a look at this infographic with some interesting information about search, indicating what commercial power lies in appearing on the “first page”.

Source: Nuanced Media