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Mobile Email Marketing: 60% Of Brand Email Is Read On Mobile – Infographic

Smartphones and tablets are on their way to replace PC’s. With many tasks finished easier on a mobile device, it is no wonder that emails from brands are also read from mobile devices. Email marketing is shifting from PC’s to mobile, and it is not really a surprise.

Have a look at this infographic and learn some interesting facts about reading brand email from mobile devices. The infographic gives also some tips and hints on how you should create marketing email, so that it can be read without issues on a phone or tablet.

Source: HubShout


The Smartphone Landscape: Facts, Numbers, Statistics – Infographic

Cell phones have become more than phones to stay in touch with friend, family and your boss. Today, cell phones, or smart phones, are starting to replace PC’s and the makers, models, features, apps are ever increasing. A cell phone only phone is becoming a dinosaur, facing elimination from the market.

Today, 80% of 18-to-34-year-old Americans own a smartphone. Ebay Deals has sampled a variety of social sources to find out which brands people like the most.

Source: Ebay Deals


Mobile Behavior: Smartphones Are Everywhere – Infographic

the-mobile-life_524364ea7a940Our Mobile Life Infographic paints an insightful picture about us. Our culture, our behavior, what’s important to us, and how we spend our time and money. There is a ton of interesting information about how people use their smartphones, so we decided to have a little fun. We took some of the more interesting stats from leading mobile industry researchers and Splick-it user data and laid it out in a highly visual way to showcase how people use their mobile phones in their everyday life. Enjoy!

Source: splickit

Digital Photography: Smartphones Eating Digital Cameras Lunch – Infographic

the-rise-of-smartphones-over-digital-cameras_51eec9a13c924Smartphones and tablets are now almost in every household, and they are often even replacing traditional desktops or, even more surprisingly, digital camera. This trend will only continue to grow and cause a bigger dent in the market that companies like Olympus or Cannon had.

So if you’re interested to see just how much damage the smartphone companies caused in term of profits for camera makers, here is an nice infographic that puts things into perspective.

Source: BestChoiceReviews

Latinos on the Road: A Social and Mobile Ride – Infographic

Social Lens Research and  MocoSpace recently teamed up to understand how Latinos—America’s fastest-growing, highly mobile and social consumers—are hitting the road! Continue reading

The Always Connected World: The Power Of Mobile – Infographic

We live in an increasingly connected, always-on world. And there’s no looking back. Mobile devices have changed the way we go about our fast-paced lives, namely our shopping. After surveying 500 consumers, we learned how drastically mobile has affected consumer shopping patterns, as well as interaction with brands through social media and email promotions.  Continue reading

Smartphones: Do You Care About Privacy? – Infographic

In today’s world of smartphones, usage is extensive. All sorts of smartphones are being used for about everything from banking to tasking, socializing, shopping and everything a smartphone user can think of! What about privacy and security? Continue reading

Samsung, Apple, Google, Facebook And Smartphones – Outlook

Future Strategy in Emerging Markets

Bloomberg Businessweek’s Sam Grobart discusses Samsung’s earnings and smartphone sales with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)