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Marketing Technology The Crazy World 0109

The Crazy World Of Marketing Technology – Infographic

Marketing and social media marketing is a difficult job these days. With new demands and changing behaviors on a regular basis it can be a challenge to get the right campaign going. As crazy as the marketing world is, so is the  world of marketing technology. The infographic below shows...

Big Data Starups Investment Infographic - Big Data means Big Buc

Who Wants To Blame The NSA? Big Data Is Big Money In Business – Infographic

Who wants to blame the NSA for fishing for data and information everywhere? Big Data is big bucks in business as well. Every retailer, every business wants to know everything about their customers and potential customers. Technology start-ups focusing on big data are popping up everywhere. Investors are buying in...


Google Is A Search Giant…Not Only: Stats And Facts About A Tech Powerhouse – Infographic

For many Google is a search engine. Well, that’s true, but its by far not all what Google is. The company is a giant in search and in many other areas of technology. A true tech giant. Have a look at this infographic and see what else Google does, besides...


Travel For Geeks: 3 Cities Of The Future – Infographic

Technology has made the world a small place. It has shortened the distance between people and helps people to move across the world. With the fact established that people move faster and easier, some cities have developed a name for themselves as the places to be in the future. Have...

Here’s How to Build the Next Big Web Empire

Here’s How to Build the Next Big Web Empire

Alexis Ohanian, co-founder at Reddit.com, discusses what it takes to make it in the booming tech economy in the United States, the new attitude of start-ups and his efforts to spread the internet revolution across the country. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Selling To Marketers: Tips And Best Practices – Infographic

Selling To Marketers: Tips And Best Practices – Infographic

This infographic shows what works and what not when you approach marketers to sell technology or vendor services. These best practices are compiled from lead generation campaigns targeting marketers from 2010-2013, including 1.45 million call and email attempts, and more than 20,000 conversations with marketing executives. These calls resulted in...

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