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Google+ For B2B Marketing

Google+ For B2B Marketing | Why And How To Use The Platform | IG

For marketers, Google+ is one of the most important social media platforms out there. As a matter of fact, Google+ is a must for every marketer, B2B or B2C. The platform is just what it is, Google. Posting and engagement on the platform is sending social signals to the search...

Content Marketing For Small Business

Content Marketing For Small Businesses | Infographic

Content Marketing for Small Businesses – It is now for years that I am telling my clients and potential clients social media, including blogging, is giving you a chance to compete with the big brands. Content marketing has given everyone that has something to say, whether they sell products or...

Content Marketing, Ecommerce

Ecommerce Content Marketing | Tips And Hints | IG

Ecommerce content marketing can be a tricky thing. Finding and creating the right content marketing strategy for ecommerce sites is not as easy as some people say. Many marketers find it difficult to reach their audiences and many more even have problems to find the right audience. In order to...

Facebook Page, Tips, Small Business

Still Trying Facebook Marketing? | Here Are More Tips To Save The Day | IG

Facebook marketing remains a hot topic. Many marketers keep fighting the decrease in reach of their Facebook pages, especially those that market a small business page. While this is rather a fight against windmills, it is understandable that marketers trying to save the day. Too much time and effort (and...

Social Media, Small Business, Business, Brands

Social Media Tips For Small Businesses | IG

Stuck with your social media campaigns and the medium in general. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Social media is a fast paced thing these days and what worked today might not work tomorrow. Important is you stay flexible and willing to make adjustments. Have a look at this infographic...

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