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Website Traffic: Eight Tips To Improve And Make Visitors Come Back – Infographic

Your website, just like your brick-and-mortar store, lives of daily traffic. And, your website (or blog and social media properties) is actually nothing else than a store. This is a fact that many people, businesses and even big brands don’t really understand when they put a site together and then wonder how to get that important traffic. Maintaining and updating your website is as important as maintaining and keeping your store clean.

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There are many ways on how to improve traffic for your website. The infographic below shows eight of them. In order to acquire decent traffic, and make visitors come back, for your site, you should follow these tips. Have a look, it is not too difficult and  it will help your site and your business to succeed.

Infographic Source: infocc

Website, Visibility, Traffic, Tips

Website, Visibility, Traffic, Tips

Organic SEO VS Manufactured SEO 0305

Organic SEO VS. Manufactured SEO: Which One Do You Need – Infographic

Every blog and website owner depends on traffic that is coming to the blog or site. There are different ways to generate this much needed traffic. You can create “Organic SEO” and you can manufacture some SEO. The differences between the two is outlined below and is an interesting read.

What you need for your blog or your site depends on what you are looking for. A quick result for a time restrained campaign, or a continued audience if you intent to keep your blog or site for the longer term. However, manufactured SEO comes with a few risks. If you go too far with your manufacturing, the search engines might just ban your blog or site entirely from search results. If you look for quick results on a certain campaign you might be better off with a campaign on one of the social media sites likes Facebook, Twitter and others.

A blog or website is usually for the longer term and therefore it is the better idea to grow your audience “organic”. It takes some time and effort, but it pays in the long run.

Infographic Source: SEOSherpa

Organic SEO VS Manufactured SEO 0305

Pinterest Marketing Searchable Pins

Pinterest Marketing: Creating New And Returning Traffic With Searchable Pins – Infographic

Pinterest has grown into one  of the best marketing tools for retailers. Driving traffic is mandatory for every website that is used to drive sales. Creating new and returning visitor traffic is challenging. Have a look at this infographic and see how Pinterest can help you creating traffic in support of your marketing and sales efforts by making your pins searchable.

Infographic Source: Hall Internet Marketing

Pinterest Marketing Searchable Pins

Increase Traffic And Engagement: 10 Killer Blog Titles – Infographic

10-blog-titles-that-drive-massive-traffic_52556385135e3A blog is one of the most important tools that any business can use in their social media strategy. Grow your online presence and increase traffic back to your website by writing killer blog titles that will make people want to click. Our infographic covers top ways to improve your blog titles that will increase traffic and engagement. Remember these key tips when titling your next blog post.

Source: BootCampDigital

Negative SEO: How Not To Do It – Infographic



Everyone that has a website would love to see the number of visitors and ranking of the site increasing. A lot of people go great length for traffic and ranking. Sometimes the approaches are not very useful, or flat out dangerous for the promoted site.

This infographic shows a few ways of negative SEO that will harm your site and have a none desired effect and will turn your site in a zombie. Have a look.

Source: rankpop

Web Traffic And Brand Marketing Tip

“The goal of all successful sites should be to drastically increase traffic for a long, reliable, and sustainable period of time. To achieve this you must dedicate all of your time, efforts, and resources towards building a quality and recognizable Brand. Having a memorable website name and logo plays an essential role in long-term Brand recognition.”
 - BestWebHostingGeek.com

Web Traffic: Your Website Is The Headquarter Of Your Business Operations – Infographic

how-to-increase-traffic-to-your-website_51e7693bac959Even in times of social media and blogs, having a good website is still important. See the website as your “headquarter” in your business operations. It is a place where you put all your information for the public to see and from where you distribute to the various other channels.

With that said, your site needs traffic. This infographic gives you an overview on how to do best in acquiring website traffic. For those that are around for a while, the information is not too new, but for those just starting or struggling, it is a good to have one-stop information sheet with valuable tips. Continue reading

The Importance Of Content Marketing – Infographic



Did you know: Companies that blog have 55% more traffic to their websites? Content marketing is fast becoming a regular marketing tool (marketers now spend 25% of their marketing budget on content marketing). And it’s having a huge impact on how consumers view and interact with companies: Continue reading