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Why Most Brands Mess Up Customer Service On Twitter

The Main Street Analyst, Social Media, Marketing, Business

The Main Street Analyst, Social Media, Marketing, Business

Customer service on Twitter is a tricky thing. Complaints are public and unqualified responses can dig a deeper hole for brands.

A coupe of weeks ago I wrote an article about “The Non-Sense Big Marketing Agencies Are Selling To Big Brands”. One of the results was a response  from Software Advice’s “Customer Service Investigator”, a blog writing and investigating customer service issues. Continue reading

Brands Doing Well On Twitter

Leading Brands On Twitter – You Will Be Surprised To See Who Is Not There – Infographic

With almost 100% of big brands on Twitter, the ways how the platform is being used are changing. While some brands are still in the process of figuring out how Twitter can work for them, some others have gotten a grip on it and do quite well.

Have a look at this infographic and see which brands are actually doing better than others. You will be surprised to see who is there, or maybe more, who is not there. Very interesting!

Infographic Source: WhoIsHostingThis

Brands Doing Well On Twitter

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Social Media Blunder: Manchester United Follows JP Morgan With Ridiculous Twitter Campaign

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Monday is a day of catching up in the office. As a social media consultant with a life, my activities over the weekend are for the most part limited. I hang out with my daughter, with my girlfriend and/or enjoy New York City. I also watch a lot of soccer, as much as the two above allow it.

Today I read in the soccer and social media news how Manchester United’s marketing, pr and social media department allowed a major NoNo to happen. The experts put poor player Michael Carrick on the hot seat and let him be grilled by their own fans and fans of the opposition. Manchester United launched a Twitter hashtag #AskCarrick and people from all over the place started firing.

The club is going through a major crisis at this time. With famous Sir Alex Ferguson retired and a new coach in place, the change hasn’t been blessed with great success. That in itself is to no surprise to those that have an understanding of the sport. Changing leadership, especially in this case, will cause some hick-ups and it might take some time until the great English soccer club will be back to “normal”.

Two months ago a major US bank made a similar mistake. They put an executive, one that had some major activity in the financial crisis going on, on Twitter with the hashtag #AskJPM. Going through all kind of crisis’, no wonder that attempt to engage with “fans” went out of hand as well, and the press reported about it with delight. And so it is happening with poor Michael Carrick, who got a cold shower from participants. Check some of the tweets below:




More Tweets can be found here:

I am wondering how these marketing/pr/social media departments tick. Has anyone an idea how much this can hurt a brand or marketing revenues? How about protecting your employees from public punishment? No?

Lesson number one for social media people in times of crisis (and you should know this if you work for organizations such as JP Morgan or Manchester United):

“Don’t set your employees or players up for a beating from the angry public if your organization already has major problems to keep the lid on a boiling pot of water”.

There are so many ways to use social media to your advantage, don’t complicate things with foolish activities. And sometimes it is even better to just proceed with daily business and not run any extraordinary activities until a major win is booked.

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Investing: Small Investors Should Not Be Invested In Facebook And Twitter

Some of you might be huge social media fans and with that believe Facebook and Twitter are awesome companies to invest in. While I agree with the awesomeness in social media, I don’t agree that the hype around the two stocks is justified. And here is why:

Facebook and Twitter have advertising depending business models. In other words, they make their money from big businesses, or small, to advertise on their platform. Nothing against advertising, that’s good stuff and needed in the business world. However, that alone doesn’t justify the numbers thrown around for Facebook and Twitter. Advertising, and the best ways to do it, has still to be figured out after social media became such a powerful publishing tool. One thing, however, is questionable: Does advertising on Facebook and Twitter work? Can it work?
I tried to test it and asked around, real people, face-to-face: Have you ever clicked on advertising on Facebook or Twitter? 1 in 10 admitted to have clicked on an ad or sponsored post, but nobody followed through to buy. While my little personal survey is for sure not groundbreaking findings or news, or a trusted source for anyone, I have the feeling that real honest numbers are even way below the 10% click rate I have discovered. And to be straight forward, I would be stunned to learn the rates are 10% or better. Let’s not even talk about buying. By the way, I have never clicked on an ad on Facebook or Twitter. I can’t even remember the name of the last advertiser I saw. Can you?
For my taste, this means that advertising revenue as it is projected (not delivered) into the stock price of Facebook and Twitter will never occur. No chance! Once that becomes clear, the stocks will get hit very bad.
For Facebook there is another important fact to consider: Google+! For the moment, Facebook might still be the most powerful and most used social media platform, but I believe this is going to change. There are already signs of some groups breaking away, for all kind of reasons. Working in the “social media industry” I know that there is talk that Google+ is the more powerful platform. Not only does that talk become louder and louder, those that do social media for a living know that Google+, and even others such as Pinterest, are gaining ground. Once some of the impressive Facebook numbers of the past start breaking away, the stock will be standing in the rain, heavy rain.
As far as Twitter goes, there are small businesses that have more revenue than Twitter and the entire hype around them can only be traced back to Wall Street. There is plenty of activity going on that really doesn’t do any good for anyone North of Houston and across the East River or Hudson. Institutional investors, including hedge funds, are playing the stock and while doing so lure the small investors into the game. Be warned, don’t get played on this one! As I write this, the stock has lost over 7%. Reality is calling.
My recommendation for the small investor, stay away. Let the big guns pick each others pockets.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed professional and I only express my personal opinion about these stocks. Please click the disclaimer link for more about this. 

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Don’t Jump To Play Twitter’s Plunge

Ken Sena, Analyst at Evercore Partners, discusses the performance of Twitter’s stock, the company’s impact on content providers, and if tech IPOs are manipulated. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Tweets: How To Shorten Your Twitter Messages – Infographic

Twitter is an awesome site, but packing a good message in a 140 character tweet can be a challenge. That’s especially true when you are in marketing or have otherwise a lot to say and want to make sense. This infographic gives you some tips on how you can cut on the number of characters without looking like an “sms’ing” teen. Make the most of those sweet tweets!

Infographic Source: Pardot



Twitter Followers: 7 Tips To Get More Of Them – Infographic

In order to get our content read by someone we need followers. That is true for every social media platform and it is no difference with Twitter. Posting awesome content is nice but worth not much, if it doesn’t end up in someone’s stream. This infographic from Wishpond shows 7 tips on how to increase your follower-ship on Twitter. Have a look and try it.

Infographic Source: Wishpond



Facebook, Twitter, Narcissism And The Selfie Syndrom – Infographic

That too much exposure to the internet and social media creates some changes in people is established for a while. Does that lead to the downfall of society? What do you think?

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Have a look at this infographic and see some signs of narcissism and negative effects of social media. How much are Facebook and Twitter responsible for the change in people?

Infographic Source: BestComputerScienceSchools