The Big 3 In The World Of Luxury Brands – Infographic

The hottest celebrities have always had relationships with luxury fashion brands- and as with all celeb relationships, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of who’s sleeping with whom. This infographic design from Infographic Labs (creators of the popular Hollywood Marriages infographic) might simplify things somewhat, by illustrating that most of today’s top luxury brands are owned by one of just three big companies.

The truth is that your favorite luxury brand is probably owned by one of just three big companies- and it’s possible you’ve never heard of them before. We take a look at LVMH, PPR and Richemont, the three giants in the world of luxury goods today- and compare their holdings.

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  1. emmageraln says:

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    The stupid never ends…

  2. really insightful shit! plus, all the diffusion lines and sister labels to the ones listed here!! then there’s even more international houses that own even more labels! it’s crazy. people like to think that fashion is exempt from ownership umbrellas like this, but it’s not! maybe not as bad as coca cola and frito lay, but it’s only a matter of time right? thanks for the read!

  3. also i had no idea that the big guns like mcqueen and ysl were owned by ppr! craze!

  4. olenamiss says:

    excelent representation, republished further

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