The Impact Of Small Business On The Economy – Infographic

If you’re living in the Austin area, it’s pretty hard to ignore the influence and strong presence of small, local businesses. It seems that most streets in Austin have at least a few clothing stores, restaurants, or music shops that are unique and entirely their own. Small businesses obviously aren’t a new development and they’re prevalent all across the U.S., but after looking at today’s infographic I was surprised to learn just how prevalent (and influential) small businesses today are…Read More

Source: Business News Daily

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    I am Addicted to infographics, I admit it, I understand that’s the first sign that a person can seek help for their affliction. But what if I don’t want help? I like infographics, they make sense to me. Of course I do have this one small detail of data reliability. “And there in lies the crux” Who was it that said that? Oh well, never mind. It’s really all about data these days. Who has it, who wants it, and most importantly, whose willing to pay what for it.

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