The Importance Of The Big Mac – Big Mac Index – Infographic

The Big Mac index was developed by The Economist several decades ago to measure the Purchasing Power Parity of nations in a simpler and easier way for people to understand and to set the bar for costs in that nation by which they can measure and compare.

Source: This infographic design was published on o5, Recipes For Life

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting and a little bit creepy to consider that the Big Mac is cheap in India …where many regard the cow as sacred.

  2. Justin Iiams says:

    Yeah have to agree it’s pretty wierd that the cheapest BM is in India. And I also thought that Brazil was one of the wealthiest countries in the world…. I would have thought the price would be fair but I guess not. Pretty neat infographic but hard to read at points. I worked my way throught it tho LOL

  3. Paula Henry says:

    I haven’t had a Big Mac in a long time, so don’t know the current price. It is interesting to see the cost difference in different countries. I wonder how the cost of living is similar.

  4. abdulrbutt says:

    Wow Mc Donald! great information and with the time they have changed a lot and have brought many good burgers, big mac is way to expensive outside US though and after reading all this I guess its a sign that I go and get one now :) yeah I know its not healthy but hey Warren Buffet eats it every week, so be grateful of what you eat!

  5. This was an eye opening Infographic about the Big Mac. Who would have ever thought that the Big Mac would be the baseline for measuring currencies around the world? Maybe the Big Mac is so cheap in India because the cow is sacred and the general population isn’t inclined to eat it. Maybe to encourage sales the Big Mac is prized very competitively in India to encourage people to eat it? Which might explain why it’s so much cheaper there.

  6. Sea Lily says:

    I can’t believe it cost over $6.00 in Brazil! I’d still buy one. They are good when you want one!

  7. Very interesting! I can add my Shopping Daisy to check the best price on Internet

  8. Tracking since the year of my high school graduation! Pretty cool information.

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