The Many Ways Video Makes Its Way Into Corporate America – Infographic

Planning for the future with pervasive video? Does that ring a bell? No? How about this, learn how successful companies build a competitive advantage through seamless collaboration & user-generated content solutions? No? I thought so.

The infographic below and the text above are from Polycom, describing how video makes its way into corporate America, on all devices and technologies. If you work in corporate, you might have gotten a video via email with some speech from your CEO or other executive. Instead of reading a mile long email, you can listen to a short video that delivers the message. Or, if your company is more progressive than others, you might already have meetings (video) on mobile devices or even more advanced stuff. Well, all of that saves your company time and money. This is what Polycom is trying to deliver in its message full of buzzwords.

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I think this infographic is quite interesting, even though the buzzwords and stone aged marketing writing makes people to read something else. Have a look and see how big business is going to use video in the future. If you are a B2B marketing writer, have a look at the three articles above.

Infographic Source: Polycom


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